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What do kitten kicks feel like?

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I have been holding Sneakers and trying to figure out if I can feel kitten kicks yet. We think she got pregnant around April 20th, but it might have been sooner because she is huge. Her belly is very tense.

When I place my palm on either side, once in a while I will feel a little flick... but it seems fairly strong for a kitten. What do kitten kicks feel like? Do they feel different depending on how taut her skin/belly is? How does it feel different from just passing gas or peristalsis?

Thanks, guys! I'll try to get pics up of her huge belly on Monday.
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Godiva---- can't wait to see her belly pix since she is only about a week ahead of Angel. Angel was barely showing and with in the past 2 days seems to be growing daily now! Think about 2-3 weeks before kittens are due you can feel them and sneakers should be due in about 3 weeks so about the right time. how is sneakers doing?
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LOL I just replied to your other thread, too. She's doing fine. She wants to be around me a lot, she doesn't seem to trust my husband or my mother so much. She eats like a little horse. She is rather round since she is so petite. I'm so nervous for her!

What does your kitty look like? Do you have pics yet too?
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I posted some from last night on my thread about cats that have 1-3 kittens if you scroll down it is there. She is still tiny! And as my mom says when I showed her pictures "she looks like a normal size cat now instead of a skinny minny" LOL But I am noticing a round "definition" on her sides if that makes sense...... She isn't BIG but you can start to see round balls on the sides. But if you look down at her standing over her she still looks TINY and you can't really tell. But seems daily now she gets a tad bigger. so thinking in a week or so she may REALLY start to LOOK preg. LOL
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When my Snickers had kittens last year, I could feel them kick too! It was a couple weeks before she had them. It's amazing!!!! Good luck to you and Sneakers!
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What did the kicks feel like? I am just unsure if I am feeling kicks or indigestion...
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To me, it felt like a thump. Snickers was so big, I'd swear I could see the outline of the kitties! LOL. But, you'll know it's a kick, it's hard to explain, but it's unlike anything else you've ever felt on your kitty before. If you think you felt it, chances are, you did!
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with Kitty you could actually see them kicking around. it looks like a wave in her stomach. you will definetly be able to tell that it is a kick if it is cuz they move around alot. you will have no doubt that it is a kick. good luck!
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I think the kitties are stronger than we think in there
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With Skittles it was hard... I thought OMGosh s/he has a bat LOL... The kicks can be strong or soft... I noticed I was able to see the whole stomach move and also a foot or paw...
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It's official... I felt kitten kicks tonight!

Sneakers is either taking it very well or doesn't notice them... but she doesn't react, yet. I'm sure she will as they get bigger.

Anyway, the countdown has started!!

This weekend, we will set up her nursing room.
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Godiva---- WOOHOOO! hopefully I will be feeling them in about a week since she is approx a week ahead of Angel.
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