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What brand of cat food do you feed your cat?

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I feed my cat 50/50 dry friskies+solid gold and for wet "whiskas". I'm slowly changing her diet toward holistic brand. I want my cat to be healthy.
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I feed Skittles Nutro Natural and Nutro wet... I plan to feed all 7 kittens the same thing...
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Zoey gets Nutros Natural Choice

Kandie get s canned ( many high end brands ) and raw
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I feed Pudge Felidae wet, and occasionally felidae dry.
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Felidae dry, occationally raw (the ground-up stuff)
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Currently about half dry and half wet - dry is James Wellbeloved and the wet was mainly felix (with a few different brands thrown in for variety) but now is mainly hi life or natures menu. I'm gradually increasing the proportion of wet food so that he will soon be on approx two thirds wet and one third dry.
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My cats get a mix of Wellness, Innova, and Innova Evo, dry and moist, mostly dry though.
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Right now they eat Iams dry. In the past when I was breeding, I would add Iams canned, Friskies canned, KalKan canned.
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Originally Posted by sharky
Zoey gets Nutros Natural Choice

Kandie get s canned ( many high end brands ) and raw
cat poop smell? stinky? or not?
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Natural balance dry and SC wet
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Originally Posted by toffeemao
cat poop smell? stinky? or not?
Neither smells .//// Zoey s box is in my bathroom and both of us can us "the facilites at the same time with no trouble, due to her eating dry it is far bigger in size
Kandies only smells on tuna day and normally is very small
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Napolean and currently eating Meowmix pouches [Hook line and sinker, Upstream dream] he also eats the tuna/shrimp cups. Then I also feed him Figaro Cat Food that's all Tuna. This all sounds horrible, but the ingredients are pretty good for Meowmix... and with his food allergies it's all he can eat right now, whatever gets him buy without being on steroids.
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Natura's Innova Lite wet.
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For my six, it's Natural Balance dry and they are all thriving on it. One large bag will last me three weeks for all six cats.
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Hill's Science Diet Prescription K/D dry free feed- Then 1x a day a small amount of wet with pumpkin mixed in to help soften & pass stools-has been on this diet for 2 1/2 yrs. with no more signs of early renal trouble
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Drs. Foster and Smith kitten food.

Expensive, but worth every penny.
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I feed Chicken Soup for the Cat Lovers Soul. Occationally I mix in a bag of Nutro or Authority if it is on sale. For wet food I feed a little bit of almost every brand I can find like Nutro, Chicken Soup, Solid Gold, Felidae or whatever it's called, Natural Balance, another Nature one, and sometimes even Friskies but I don't care for the ingredients so that one is a treat once in awhile.
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My cats eat Royal Canin Persian. They're not Persians though!
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Mine eat: Royal Canine Kitten Dry and Natural Balance Wet (Ultra formula/vension Pea seem to be their faves)
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I feed Nutro Natural Choice Complete Care dry, and Nutro, Natural Balance, Max Cat, Sensible Choice and Eagle Pack wet. They love it!
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I feed Life's Abundance by healthypetnet wet 1/2 can twice a day...then free feed the dry during the day. He does quite well on it..no gas and bm's arent so smelly anymore. I have tried everything authority, innova evo, natural balance and a couple of others and they either constipated or gave him diarrhea. I hate mail order but it works for him.
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Right now we are feeding them Eukanauba Kitten food dry. But I plan to switch it slowly to Purina Kitten Chow.
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When I got Chester from the shelter the information sheet on him said that he was fed “cat chowâ€. I have no idea what he was eating at the shelter.

On the way home we stopped at the pet store and my niece, who was doing the shopping, got Purina Cat Chow ‘indoor formulaâ€. This surprised me since she is the one who is into natural foods and is a semi vegetarian.

Luckily Chester likes the cat chow. He does not like any people food other than cheerios and only if they are wet with milk. This is the first cat that I have had that does not respond to the can opener or the cheese wrapper.

He is also very tall and skinny. I’ve never had such a skinny cat. He does have a good coat and never does stinky things in or out of the box. I free feed (a full dish may last three days) and this has not been a problem. (My niece says her cats would eat the whole thing all at once.)

One other thing just thought of it as he just came into the room looking for treats. He loves cat treats! I give him the moist treats because I think he gets enough dry food. I think he would eat the whole jar if I let him.

Getting back to my confusion sine I have been following the boards here I started to think that maybe I should feed him better food.

The only problem with this is I have no idea what to buy and I am semi disabled and have my groceries delivered. So my selection is limited to say the least. However, this week I found that the place I order from does carry Iams but only the “adult weight management’ formula. But since I don’t always get what I order I gave it a try thinking they would substitute the regular formula if that all they have.

My only other option is to get it myself at the pet store when I go to buy cat litter. Since it’s a major chore to get the litter I was hoping that I can order the food with the groceries and save myself the hassle.

Now I have an 8 pound bag of Iams adult weight control formula. My guess is it’s about the same as indoor formula. The ingredients read better than the cat chow. Now I am worried that he won’t eat it. I am also worried that it’s not the right choice since he was doing ok on the other stuff. Like I said I get so confused some times.

I’ve started mixing a little of the Iams with the cat chow to gradually switch him over. When I dumped the stuff in he made a mad dash to the dish but didn’t touch it. This is not unusual since he does this normally.

He has been nibbling on it but my luck he is eating just the cat chow. I will probably find the Iams left at the bottom of the dish. Either that or I will find a horrible surprise in the litter box tomorrow!

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My cats eat Royal Canin- Neutered Cat and they free feed. For wet, Authority (different flavors) and Nutro Max. My foster moms and kittens eat Nutro Max indoor kitten and Nutro Max kitten wet. The funny thing is, a co-worker gave me 8 cans of Friskies because her cat passed and they acted like they had been starved. Someone said it is like giving a kid the choice between a salad or McDonalds. McDonalds taste better but is not soo good for you! True or not? They really went crazy for it.
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Pet Guard is our wet food and Pet Promise is our dry. We buy it at Wild Oats; it's a remnant free, no hormone, no dye cat food. It is REALLY expensive, but I refused to buy anything else. Even when they are boarded we bring our wet and dry food along.
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My cat eats strictly raw. My foster eats a mix of brands (Innova EVO, Felidae, Nature's Logic, Natural Balance, Wellness, etc.) and a bit of raw.
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Originally Posted by ButterflyDreame
Right now we are feeding them Eukanauba Kitten food dry. But I plan to switch it slowly to Purina Kitten Chow.
Please feed them something slightly better than that, like purina one kitten, it's not that much more expensive and widely available- I'm assuming you are here in the states. I'm not a huge food snob, trust me but I think purina one is much better. Eukanuba is actually an okay food but pretty expensive for what you get...

Anyway, mine get mostly purina one, and the following other brands of dry food- pro plan, nutro, nutro max and very occassionaly iams. I used to feed them dry friskies and cat chow once in awhile until I came on this board.

For wet it is unfortunately whatever they will eat. Any kind of canned friskies in sauce is almost ALWAYS eaten, also 9Lives in sauce is eaten. I have tried I think every brand in the book around here. Lately I have tried Nature's Promise, petsmart sophisticat, meow mix pouches, whiskas pouches. There is also a new brand of premium wet food sold at walmart, the name escapes me. They were at least nibbling at it, but only 25 % gets eating. I feed two cans or 4 pouches a day to four cats, and mix lysine in it due to one cat having feline herpes.
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Sash currently eats Eagle Pack Holistic dry, he likes variety so we change brands occasionally. I also picked up some Performatin Ultra Slim Care and he really likes that too, so we alternate. Sash also enjoys canned food and eats Natural Balance, Nutro and Eagle Pack, these are the brands he likes.
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Well, Petunia is supposed to be eating Cat Chow Indoor Formula, but unfortunately she hapens to like Science Diet Kitten Chow and is slowly becoming a fat cat. The kiten eats whatever happens to fall in his mouth-- lol! The bad thing about him is that he eats garbage if I don't keep the lid down on the garbage can. I didn't have any trouble with Petunia and the garbage, but Pepper..... *sigh*.
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All six of my cats eat Innova Evo dry. They love it, and so do I.
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