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I just bathed a feral

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Here is my experience that I will share with you:

Capture....food usually works for a bribe, however in this case Stryker noticed something was afoot and off he took across the yard and into the hay barn. Following, I locked the barn door, turned on the light and ruefully surveyed all the hay bales stacked together. If not for my aching muscles, I could of climbed to the top (where of course Stryk was perched watching me. But now, it was a waiting game. I settled down to see if I could outlast him, but after about 20 minutes it was clear he was not going to budge. I picked up a stick laying nearby, and carefully worked it underneath the loose straw that so typically lays on the floor of the barn. I played "mouse under the straw" with the stick and saw it had caught his attention. In less than he a minute, he had executed a flying leap onto the moving floor and I had done the Hissy Grab and placed him into the cat carrier I had nearby.

Already in the bathroom I had prepared the bucket and filled it with warm water and medicated shampoo. Stryk had been pulling out tufts of his hair for the last week and I needed to try and stop this before he became a hairless Manx. I scruffed Stryker and wrapped him in a towel so that I could clip his claws before he encountered what was to be his first bath. In a matter of minutes, the bathroom was filled with indignant LOUD meows and the towel was shredded. He was not going to cooperate in having those weapons trimmed.

Since I have a short supply of towels, I decided to take the chance and just bathe him and try to stay away from his attempts to make his human the most pierced human on the planet. The minute I dunked his rear end into the bucket, he entirely froze in place, though his meows got so loud I wished I had earplugs to ease the discomfort. Ouside, I could hear an accompanying chorus of cries as the other kitties came over to the closed door to find out why one of their own was in so much distress.

I quickly bathed Stryker while he protested his complaints to the world and when he was all rinsed out, I wrapped him quickly in a towel and started rubbing him dry. There was a huge amount of cat hair left on the shower floor, I could of built another cat from it! I then carried this sopping wet barn cat to hubby so he could hold him while I finished toweling kitty dry.

Now Stryker is curled up next to the heater and he looks like a drowned rat, but for a feral who has never before had a bath he did really well. The only casuality to this encounter, is a bathroom towel I didn't need anyway.
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Wow! I can't even begin to imagine bathing a feral!!!

Any idea why he is losing his fur?
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I believe he probably has mange. The Benzoyl Peroxide Shampoo I used on him will hopefully help. I may be able to give him a bath. The bucket is really why, it restrains their movements, but my vet has told me he would prefer to not see stryker again after Stryk trashed their clinic when he escaped one time. LOL
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Won't you have to bathe him weekly to get rid of mange? Ick!

So...a cat who trashed the vet's office let you put him in water! WOW! You really DO have the magic touch with ferals!
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Hip hip hurray for the Old Hissy Grab!
Good job - poor little guy didn't know what hit him!
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