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Moochie Got a boo boo!

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Mooch hurt her paw tonight. She was at the window in the tube on her cat tree when my friend came up to pet her. Sometimes when she gets excited she will go out the wrong end and have to kind of stand on the edge of the bottom window part, which is only about 1/3" wide. Well tonight she slipped and fell to the floor. She's done that before so I wasn't too concerned because she just walked away.

Well a few minutes later I went to use the bathroom and I noticed bloody paw prints and found her in the tub. She hasn't let me look too close, but it looks like she may have pulled the nail (outside toe on her rear paw). By then it had mostly stopped bleeding so I left her in the tub with a bowl of water and shut her in the bathroom while we ran to the store.

We're home now and she's licking the paw some and it isn't swollen and she's acting pretty normal. (just got into DH's waste paper basket )

Does anyone have any care suggestions or tips for things I need to do? Like should I change their litter to paper (she was just in the box as I was typing this) or should I try to get a real close look at the paw? It was hard to see through the blood. It doesn't seem broken because she's walking find and there is no swelling. I did see the nail too. I would appreciate any advice or ideas right now. And Moochie would appreciate some prayers for her lil paw!

I'm thinking of putting some bedding in the tub and having her spend the night in the bathroom just so she doesn't get to rough housing it with Noodles and aggravate it.

Thanks for any help!
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***Tons of healing paryers for you two***

I would suggest having a closer look. Thats great that she is not acting as if it broken! I definatley don't know alot, but I would suggest giving the vet a call and letting them know what happened and that there is no swelling, the nails is intact, but there is some blood.

I would be more concerned if that paw continued to bleed!!!!

Again, I would give the vet a call and see what they have to say!!!!

Sometimes I wish I could feel Jack's pain, I wish he could say "Mommy, Iam not feeling well today" It would make things easier thats for sure...And so because you don't know how your babes is truley feeling...Do what u can to make your kitty comfy & safe...

BEST OF LUCK...Jackson and I will be prayin!

PLease keep me posted!!!

Jayme Jackson's Momma!
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Aw, poor Mooch. Hopefully it heals up with no cause for concern
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Thanks. DH doesn't think I need to shut her in the bathroom tonight, but I still think I should. We'll see. I'll be going to bed soon.
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Can ya see it better.... Has it stopped bleeding..

Sending healing prayers...
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Hope Moochie's paw gets to feeling better!
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I think Mooch is feeling just fine. She and Noodles have been playing like normal. I did make her sleep in the bathroom though. Today she has cleaned it and it does just look like she pulled up the nail. We bleed a lot if we do that, so I guess they would too. My poor baby!
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Mooch...do you have a boo boo?
Mommy will take good care of you sweetie pie.

It sounds like it is doing fine but I would keep a close eye on it and if you have any doubts about it healing right, call your vet Monday morning or sooner is needed.
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Aww Mooch! I hope your boo boo is feeling better now sweetie
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