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my kitty is ill and needs prayers

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I am new to this site, first post, so Hello to all of you and well wishes for healthy kittys. on to my kitty, on memorial day I noticed he was acting strange, I went to work came home and he was nowhere to be found, which is not like him at all, found him came online looked up his symptoms and realized he was blocked could not pee at all I called the emergency vet in my area, and took him there they are very overpriced for what they did for him but it bought him 2 more days now he is in better care but the little bugger keeps pulling his cath out they put the cone thing on his head but he got that off and got the cath out twice now, please pray for him I don't want to put him to sleep and I am running out of money, he is only 2, had him since he was 3 weeks old he was found on a school bus.
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My prayers are with you! I hope everything turns out ok!
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I am sending tons of prayers....
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There are owners who are more skilled in helping you through this than I would be, having not gone through it, but prayers are being sent your way. You are an angel to care so much and take him in right away. BIG VIBES AND PRAYERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Thanks for being so good to him - just call the Vet and ask them for advise - maybe they can suggest something - I am suer they have delt with cats like your baby before,

Prayer coming your way.

All the best!
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Hello and welcome to tcs

{{{{Sending many health and healing vibes to your Kitty }}}}

I do hope everything works out fine.
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Sending lots of healing vibes to your kitty! Hope everything is going to be OK very soon!
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I hope that your kitty will come through his illness, and be just fine!! My thoughts are with you, I just lost my little guy Smokey suddenly today..
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I've been thru quite a few UTIs & blockages with past kitties, so I know what you're going thru. If your little guy was catheterized for a couple of days, I'm not sure why he needs to have it replaced. I don't think any of mine ever had a catheter longer than that. Anyway, it sounds as if he's an active little thing ; I would definitely call the vet & ask their advice. It may be possible to give him a low dose tranquilizer, just enough to take the edge off & keep him calm. Or by now, if he's going, he may not need the catheter at all. I assume he's getting antibiotics? Call your vet, dear, and best of luck with him. (you might want to ask the vet if they will let you pay them a little at a time, too)
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thank you all so much,
strwberri, I am so sorry for your loss.
libby, I took him to an emergency vet on memorial day and they cathed him for an hour gave him meds to come home on and said that was all they could do for the money I had .
I took him home and within a day he was blocked again because they didn't treat him right and still charged me 350.00.
then I took him to another vet and they are keeping him till they can clear him of the stones and only charging me 273.00 . but they put the cath in the first night and he got it out so they put in another and he got that one out too so this is where I was at on sataurday morning and they are not there on sundays so I won't know anything till monday afternoon. thank you all again for the well wishes.
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Oh no, I pray your little kitty will be alright
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Prayers and Vibes! Strwberri, so sorry for your loss!
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