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Allergies "What could it be" :8*(

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Hello, I'm new to this, not even sure if I'm doing all this clicking correct! :0) sorry, but I have a few questions...I'm really at my wits end! (All my friends have dogs, no cats)

Anyway, I'm a mess, I'm not sure what is wrong with my 5 year old cat who I just adopted 1 month ago. "He has allergies to something", that's all the vet said, gave him another cortisone shot,(no help) gave him eye drops, gave him pills, and something for snezzing.

My questions are this:
1) What can I mix his pills with so he takes them? He turns his back to Tuna, think he knows that trick...

2) He won't let me put the cream in his ears, any suggestions?

3) He has got these ...looks like a cold sore on the inside of his upper mouth.

4) The sounds he makes is like a person with a BAD blocked up nose. When he is cleaning himself, drinking and eating!

5) His eyes water so bad, that when he shakes his head, the water goes everywhere!

6) He seems to almost breathe with his mouth open!

Is there a way to find out what he is allergic too? I changed food from IMAS to Feline i/d and I'm trying to find the litter that some of you have suggested, but we don't have it, all we have is "Yesterday's News", I ask the people in the pet stores, and most have NO CLUE! I even went out and got a brand new vacuum cleaner!

Any help!!! this is breaking my heart to see him this way, his sister, has nothing wrong at all! And my dog, also has nothing going on.. **Can cats be allergic to dogs? :0( But it stated on their cards they were brought up with dogs.. I can't figure it out!

Thank you so much for your help!
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I am no expert but it seems that your vet is no help whatsoever. Is there somewhere else you can go for a second opinion? Also try doing a search on the internet for `feline allergies` or `pets with allergies` as I found a lot of information on there.

Apparently there are 4 types of allergy - flea, contact, food and inhalant. Most sites suggest a total exclusion diet of boiled fish, rice or chicken for food allergies. Pets can be allergic to houseplants, newspaper, dust mites, grass seeds and even carpets!!

I also read on one site that if cortisone is not treating the problem it may suggest some other underlying illness so it might be a good idea to get some blood tests done to make sure. Hope this helps.
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I agree. It sounds pretty serious!

Also, I'm surprised that your vet didn't tell you that allergy tests can be run on a blood sample that will find out exactly what he is allergic to. Then, once they find out what is causing the problem, they create a syrum that is injected to build his tolerance to the allergin. This is just how we treat allergies in humans.

I think a second opinion might be in order here.

Also, your pharmacist can mix up meat flavored medications for your cat.
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to the vet again, after reading the 2 post, I called...He took 4 X-rays and found that Simba's sinus is infected. He is also a bit constipated. Heart, Lungs and Kidneys look good! WE are waiting 35 to 40 days to take blood work, due to the shot he just gave on Monday.

Thank you for your help, and the search for Cat Allergies helped.
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I'm glad you know what is going on now.

I wish you success giving your poor kitty his meds. I hope he feels better soon.
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If you have to pill you kitty the easiest way is to kneel on the ground and cross your feet behind you. Place kitty so his rump is between your legs, and gently open kitty's mouth to push the pill in. Cats will back-pedal when they are being pilled, so all that will happen is he will push against the inside of your legs and not be able to escape. Blow once gently into his face while keeping his mouth closed. The blowing will startle him causing him to swallow. Make sure you pet him and release him so he doesn't think that everytime you approach him something bad will happen. Good luck with kitty!
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This won't cure anything, but it may help his symptoms. My babies love the smell of Vick's Vap-O-Rub. When they are stopped up, I let them sniff the jar. It seems to provide them some relief. 2 of my 4 get stopped up about the same time I get my spring allergies. My oldest cat had allergies. We tested him for everything from different foods to environmental factors. We went through that for 2 years. He pulled all the hair off his head and scratched almost to the bone. It was so pitiful. It turned out to be flea allergy. We treated him with Advantage, and he was better almost instantly. He was over 5 years old when all this came about. I thought it was something serious. Good Luck on finding out what is wrong. I hope your kitty is better soon.
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