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Update on Feral PG cat

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Still cooking those kittens. Either she's having a lot of them or they are VERY big because she looks like she swallowed a grapefruit.

She didn't eat her wet food today although that could be because it was chunky wet food- not sure she likes it.

She did hiss at me when I brought my hand closer to her, but when I did it more subtlely she didn't mind and I did not push the issue. So far I see no evidence of skin issues or fleas. I'd like to see her drink more overall though- I'm worried she isn't or won't produce proper amounts of milk. I already have some KMR and a kitten bottle on hand so I am feeling pretty prepared.

I have been calling her Sue Ellen- because she's very Sullen!
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I like the name... What day of PG she on...
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that is a cute name. good luck!
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That is cute...I like Sue Ellen. Sounds like a very down to earth girl! The longer she waits, the bigger and healthier the kittens will be...so cook away, Sue Ellen!
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Sounds like my cat, Snickers, who is almost a 'pet' cat now...after almost four years! She let's me pet her and stuff like that now!

Best of luck with her...what a CUTE name!!! Show us some pics when the little ones are born!
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Well, another day with no real changes. I came in this morning later then usual because I slept in and she was in the litter box- just sitting. She did have litter on her ear, nose and forehead and made no attempt to clean up. ???

I am going to try and get you all pics of her tonight- she is SO big- I just cannot believe she can't be due ASAP! But Iguess thats what happens when "nature" takes it's course. I am praying she doesn't have like 20 kittens or anything. Just 5 or 6 healthy chubby ones would be fine!
Sheesh if I had known she would progress so much further in the pregnacy I might have brought her to the vet for an abortion- but she has looked SO big for so long. Ah well. It's cooler and raining today, so no enviromental factors pushing her to deliver but I do hope it's soon!

Hopefully pics soon so you can also stare in AWE at the cat with the grapefruit gut! BTW- I did see some movement in there today so no chance of tumor - she's really got kittens in there.
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