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If you have an indoor cat that keeps well groomed on their own, do you have to bathe them yourself?

Or I'll just take any comments or suggestions on bathing in general.

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You can, but if you also run a comb thru the fur, it will help keep the cat from swallowing loose hair. Most of my cats were show cats at one time or another - all were well groomed and they got regular baths.

An occasional bath won't hurt them. There are threads about how to bathe a cat - I'm sure they would be helpful to read insted of us typing it all out again
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I have an inside kitty. She keeps herself well groomed but I like to give her an occassional bath. About 4 times a year maybe. Not very many. She doesn't care for it much as you can imagine but I know it has to feel good and fresh once she is all dry. As long as your kitty stays out of messes, bathing regularly isn't necessary. But if your kitty actually likes it, then a bath as a treat won't hurt. Just be sure to keep your kitty on flea meds to keep those pesky critters off your kitty!
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I've never bathed any of my cats, inc my 9 year old - he does a great job of keeping himself clean! Not only do I think cats rarely need bathing, but I dont' think it's a great idea unless there's a specific reason for it. It strips natural oils from the coat and not many cats enjoy it - I have enough scratch marks as it is without attempting something guaranteed to add to the count!
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I have never bathed any of my cats (well....I did once where kitty decided to dump a plant and then roll in the dirt )

It is important to brush your kitty though, to help with the hairball situation (especially if they are indoors)
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Only time I've ever bathed Marlee was when I first got her. She was adopted from a shelter, and was nasty with fleas and flea dirt, bless her heart. So after using her first flea treatment and a flea comb, she got a bath. At the time she was so small that it was pretty easy. I would never try again now without a reason!!
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Not unless there is very very good reason (such as illness, etc) - just brush and kitty will take care of himself wonderfully
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I bathe mine but two have difficulties staying clean and the other two actually like baths. I find it does help cut down on the fur storm a little
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We have never given trout a bath. She is very clean, and soft so I don't really see the reason for a bath. Obviously, if she got dirty or poopy I would but she is always clean.
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We have only bathed Harley twice - once because he spilled a bottle of pop on himself and I obviously wasn't going to leave him like that! And the other time was when we had him outside on his leash and he got into a pile of dirt and definately needed to be cleaned up!

Harley doesn't mind the water - he actually enjoys it most of the time - he'll usually stand in the shower with me (on the edge)!

I agree with everyone else tho - brushing is one way to help cut down with hairballs & shedding. I don't think you'd have to bathe them unless they are dirty, or you know its needed
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