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Please Help! Kitty Infection!!!

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Hi there =)

I have a domesticated shorthair cat that is about 8 years old (in human years). In March, I went outside to check on her because she is an outdoor cat. As she was getting up from her catnap, I noticed that her left leg was limping. I waited a few days before taking her to the local vet because this has happened before and has always been better by the next day. Unfortunately, this time, she had not healed.
A few days after I had noticed the leg, I took her to the vet (thinking the leg was broken). To the family and my surprise, Oreo's X rays showed that her leg was NOT broken. What they DID find is that she was developing an infection that had probably been due to a cat fight since she is outdoor and there are several stray cats that always come and go.
The vet had given us some prescription medications to give her. After we did that, she did not appear to be in any pain, so we assumed that the medicine would have healed her leg. We also knew that it would probably take a while for her to fully recover.
Well, it is now June (3 months after the limping started), and some of the fur around her armpit has been "balding". Around the balding area, it sometimes looks somewhat pussy. I cleaned the wounded area with warm water and soap and bandaged it to prevent any bacteria from getting in. Oreo being herself, managed to take the bandage off. I am going to take her to the veterinarian as soon as possible. Until I can, has anyone had anything like this happen before? Should I continue to cleanse her wounds or is that making it worse?

Even if you are as curious as me, Please pray for Oreo
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The cat needs to be seen by the vet ASAP. Hot compresses on the infected area every few hours will help. What you need is to keep your cat inside.At least keep the cat inside all the time until it is completely recovered.
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Praying for Oreo!
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Take her to the vet as soon as you can.
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Originally Posted by gardenandcats
The cat needs to be seen by the vet ASAP. Hot compresses on the infected area every few hours will help. What you need is to keep your cat inside.At least keep the cat inside all the time until it is completely recovered.
I agree.She needs to be seen by a vet as soon as you can take her. Also, please keep her inside if she isn't already, as if she is exposed to more variants outdoors such as other cats, insects, germs, and debris that could injure her or make her infection worse and compromise her chances of healing up. Also if you do bring her inside and you own other kitties, please be sure to have her tested for Feline Aids and Feline Leuk and put flea treatment on her, before exposing your other kitties to her...or at least keep them seperated. Best of luck! Please feel free to let me know if there's anything else i can help you with.Also, one last bit of advice, PLEASE BUY AN E Collar (for reference, they look a bit like a lampshade and go around the animals neck to prevent them from chewing and scratching...)!!! That is the best defense against the kitty taking off her bandages and potentially making her infection worse.They can be purchased at petco, superpets, and most vet offices. They are about 8-10 dollars and prevent the kitty from tearing off the bandages or chewing and irritating their wounds. I suggest buying a regular cat collar, and an e collar. The reason for this is many kitties can take off the e collar with time, but if you buy both, there are grooves in the e collar at the bottom so that you can tie it to the regular collar with strings or zipties to secure it. Measure the kitties neck before purchasing one so you get the right size. The "Kong" company makes them so you can order them online. Please invest in an E collar- they can potentially save you hundreds in medical bills by preventing animals from getting to their wounds and making them worse which could cost you a lot in vet bills.Also if you do invest in an e collar, the kitty MUST be kept indoors because she will not be able to defend herself against other cats and potential predators outside. Good Luck!
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Thank you for all the responses! I am trying to get her to a vet as soon as I can. As for keeping her inside, I definitley think that would be best but unfortunately, I am only 15 and my parents won't allow animals in the house. and I really do love Oreo and want to do what is in her best interest but it seems that my parents are inabling me from some things. I just got back from checking on her and giving her TLC. She stills purrs and acts normal, but her little infection just looks absoutely awful Although she does stay on the back porch which has a sturdy glass door to keep other animals out but what I may end up doing is try to keep her in my bedroom...
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I've kept all my kitties outside(except for the one kitty I have now) and they all did just fine. I had one cat for 11 years before he died from what the vet said was a kidney infection. The two adult cats I have now are outside, and one of them had something simular to what you are saying. I took her to the vet, and he gave her some meds; She healed right up. Don't feel bad, my parent's wouldn't let me keep them inside when I was that I work, they let me.

It's so awesome you are so caring and loving towards your kitty. He is lucky to have you! And maybe you could ask your parents if you could keep him in a laundry room or something, just until this heals???
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I just recently talked to my Dad about it. I don't think I mentioned this before but, she has been licking the area that has been "balding", as cats do to clean themselves. Since cats tongues are also rough like sandpaper, I am beginning to think that the reason for the balding is because she is licking it so much. As for the "pussiness", it is probably saliva and pollen because the vet the infection was inside her leg. As I said earlier, she lets me hold her paw and examine the leg, so I do not think that she is in pain. Otherwise, she would meow out of pain but she doesn't and she rolls around and purrs like normal. However, I do think that she is still tender and afraid to put weight on the limping leg. Even then, I will take her to the vet on Monday. I am thinking and hoping that if she recieves some sort of therapy, she will be ok.
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I'm sure she will do just fine!!! Let us know how it goes!!!

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Glad she is going to the Vet - there she will get the medication and help she needs. PS: Licking can also be due to her being in pain.

When you go please mention to the Vet everything you told this board!!!

Thanks for being so responsible - Oreo is very very luck to have you!
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Good luck at the vets with Oreo tomorrow
{{{{Prayers and Healing vibes}}}}
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Last night, I did some research on Oreo's condition. I think the pussiness on her leg is due to an abcess. I am hoping that is what it is because all the vet would need to do is drain out the fluid and put her on an antibiotic. This one website description sounds identical to Oreo's story.

I cleaned the pussy area with warm water and soap. At first she didn't like it but relaxed and ended up urinating on the floor!

Anyway, I cleaned the area the best I could and I actually think the pussiness has gown down a little bit..

Oreo sees that vet tommorow! Please pray that her visit goes well
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Someone suggested warm compresses early. These are a great idea. The heat draws the infection up to the surface so that the abscess may burst (don't do this on the carpet, because if it bursts, it will be messy). I would do these warm compresses as often as you can. Also, if it is an abscess, you do not want to cover the area. The wound needs to be kept open to allow the pus to drain from the area.

Is the area warm to the touch? This is also a sign of an abscess.

If the vet drains the abscess, they may put the a "drain" (usually a piece of wide string or a small rubber hose) in the wound to help keep it open. They may also send home some sterile saline to flush out the infection. You will need to do this a couple of times per day. Perhaps you can talk your parents into letting her stay inside at least until she is healed?
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Please take her to the Vet ASAP...

Sending prayers for Oreo...
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How is Oreo - what did the Vet say?
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Oreo had her visit today. Of course, she was not happy about leaving the house but I am assuming that is the way most cats are lol! There is good news and bad news:

The bad news is that she will not be able to walk on her front right paw again But, I kind of expected that....

The good news is that the pussiness did turn out to be an abcess and they are cleaning it out and putting a drain on it. They will also keep her over night, which I am relieved because that way, she will get more medical attention that I cannot give her.

In the long run, Oreo will be alright and she will not have to be put to sleep (Thank God ) as my mom thought was a possibility. When Oreo returns, I will be sure to keep her on the screened in porch at night with the door locked and made sure that it is shut and locked every night so that no tomcat can get near her! Also, my family and I will be leaving the Saturday before father's day for vacation for a week. When we our gone, a good neighbor of ours has always fed her and given her water. From now on, we will board her to prevent " nighttime attacks".
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I am curious, did the vet say why she can't walk on her paw again? Is this long term?
I am glad to hear that everything turned out ok! I just read this and my first though was an abcess.

I know how it is with the parents, I am fortunate that my mom is a cat lover too, or mine would be out too. Well all of them, most are out in one of our two enclosures.

Get well wishes for Oreo! She is lucky to have someone that cares so much for her!
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She will not be able to walk on her paw again because the nerves and muscles in her paw are weakened. She would probably be able to use the leg again if she was given proper time to heal but some animal had bitten her; giving her the abcess. I think that denied Oreo's chances of using the leg...
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But atleast she is ok! AND She has YOU!!!

Anyways, I think you're very blessed. I found a cat one time who had an abcess...I took him to the vet the next day, and they told me the infection was in his whole body and that it was to late... So he had to be put down...I still to this day wish I had gotten a second opinion....

BEST OF LUCK WITH OREO!!!! HERES TO A SPEEDY RECOVERY, and you are an AWESOME mom to that kitty!!!!!!
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That poor kitty! I wonder how he could have gotten it in his whole body? Since an abcess is very sore for a cat, they are going to put Oreo on an anestetic to examine her leg. I am somewhat nervious only because I don't want her to think that I have abandoned her.....

Thank you all sooooo much for your suggestions and support!! I cannot express how much better everyone has made me feel
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I'm not sure if they will...but...When you go pick her up, she's going to be happier than ever to see you!!! Our dog had Parvo, and he was in there for a week...I've NEVER seen a tail wag like that! I bet Oreo can't wait to see you! Give him a big ol' hug for me!

And yeah, my poor Simba...didn't even know him that long. But I'm just so happy for your kitty.
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