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Anyone else play the keyboard / electric piano?

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A friend of mine gave me a few piano lessons last year and she thought I was good so she let me have her old keyboard (she didn't officially give it to me... more like a long-term loan that will probably extend forever).

Anyways, I have that keyboard in my bedroom but unfortunately, the cats like to jump on it, run on it, etc. It really makes me nervous. Can that damage the keyboard?
It's not a particularely valuable keyboard but since it's not mine, and I can't afford to replace it, I'd really prefer to keep it un-damanged.

I'm trying to re-arrange my apartment to have the keyboard somewhere else but space is really thight.
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I've played a keyboard and piano before, but haven't had either for years, so I do not know how they would fare with Pudge. She'd probably scare herself stepping on it and ignore it...I'd try covering the keys with something or finding a big box to put it in when it is not in use if you are worried about them damaging it.
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i play piano, & have one in the house. the cats very occasionally walk on the keys - but i don't think they like it 'cause they only do it every once & a while. they haven't hurt it, but it's a piano, not a keyboard...
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If it's a keyboard the keys might be heavy plastic... you might just try covering it with a heavy cloth that drapes over the sides. Protects from kitties and dust. There shouldn't be a problem. My keyboard is at my Mom's house, she has 3 kitties, and no issues!!
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The only thing that car really damage your keyboard is dust or hair between the keys. I have had my keyboard for 18 years and it still works fine after me hammering on it for all that time. Just cover it with a blanket or something when you are not using it and could last a lifetime.
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My mother teaches that. She had something that had 100+ buttons and this pedals thing you can play music with. It was cool.
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Yeah I would cover it with a thick tarp or something. Mine stays in a cupboard.
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I have an old blanket I can use to cover the piano. As soon as I get it clean, I'll use it.
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