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My kitty

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New to the site and have figured out how to post are some of my Dallas...she's 2 1/2 years this month.

Dallas loves her puppy...she plays with him and then she bathes him. I get hours of enjoyment out of watching her play.

Dallas likes to get into anything she can. The new fish tank just arrived and she jumped in to check it out.

Cat Nap!
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Dallas, you're such a beautiful girl! Looks as if you really enjoy the fish tank! They must have brought it home just for you!
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Awww Dallas is so cute! I love your pictures. Sweet kitty- my favorite is the one with the stuffed animal.
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Dallas what a sweet girl you are Bless her washing her puppy toy
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What a doll!

They're all adorable photos, but I like the one of her bathing her puppy the best, too!
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That is one honking big fish tank! Either that or he's a really tiny cat. =0)
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WOW she loves her puppy She is cute sort of the same markings as my Skittles
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Awww she's a cutie too.
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The fish tank is a 100 gallons...measures 72Lx18Wx18H. Yes it is a big tank!
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Is it for a lot of fish or a few really big ones? I'll bet it makes your house feel almost like an aquarium! =0)
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Dallas is beautiful.
She loves her puppy. :
Thanks for sharing your darling girl's pictures with us.
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Cute AND adorable!
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Awww, Dallas is adorable!! Love her name too.
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