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Eye Injury

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Hi everyone i am new to the forum and i have a real problem. First i will explain my living situation i share my house with two large cockatoos and my cat Marlo. The birds Sammy and Tammy and Marlo all seem to get along i let the birds out to walk around and get some exercise and the other day something horrible happened Marlo attacked Tammy. Poor Tammy was not injuried just a bit shoke up. I have seperated Marlo from the birds as a precaution incase something like this happens again. Last night Marlo managed to sneak into Sammy and Tammy's play room and went right at her again this time Tammy got the best of Marlo and now Marlo's right eye is closed i am afraid that the eye is either missing or damaged. Now the question remains as to what should i do?? Poor Marlo is banging into things as he walks and is terrified of the birds now. I am not in anyway going to punish Tammy she was defending herself and Marlo snuck in the room in the first place. I have no idea what would cause this sudden conflict between the two i mean Marlo was 1 month old when i got him and now he is two years old. He grew up with the birds always being here and they never had a problem with each other.

Is anyone else ever had any experience with this? I am thinking about taking Marlo to the vet although i am afriad of the expenses assocaited with it.

Suggestions are very much needed and welcomed
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The costs could depend on the damage to the eye. If the eye is scratched, the vet will put a dye in the eye and use a special light to see the scratch, and eye drops could be needed.
If the eye is severely infected or left alone, it could require surgery to remove the eye. I don't know what the costs would be, but the earlier you get Marlo treated, the better. He needs to be seen as soon as possible.
If money is an issue, ask to make payments.
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You need to go to the vets ASAP.Find out what the injury involves then make your decision as to what you can do to help him. The first visit should not cost that much to find out what is damaged. Many vets will allow you to make payments.A eye injury is nothing to fool around with. If it had of been your eye I'd bet you'd of been at the ER as soon as it happened. Your poor cat can't take himself to the vets. He depends on you to do that!
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