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Plants: not sure if this should be behavior or health

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So recently (the past 2 or 3 days) Oliver's taken to jumping on my mom's server hutch in the dining room, over which she has two hanging plants - one of these plants is a spider plant and today I caught him take a chomp out of it.... I looked on a couple different sites and one says spider plants are harmful and the other doesn't! He has kitty grass available and this is the only time I've seen him go after any other plant and now I'm worried since I can't get a straight answer from the web about this plant! He's not supposed to be on the furniture anyway (except anything in my room and one chair in the living room) and he knows this... so I don't know why he's suddenly taken to the server, especially since he gets chased and/or barked off of it every time....

Should I be seriously worried about this or is it ok if he catches a nibble now and then? (Cuz lord knows cats do whatever they please most of the time, haha)

Mods: feel free to move this, I wasn't quite sure since it's a little bit of both!
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Spiders won't hurt him, my cats eat mine all the time!
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Plants are essential to their health due to the folic acid content.

I give my cats bamboo leaves daily. They go crazy for them!!!
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Spider plants are indeed safe, ate some myself as a child...
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I kinda figured, but I was getting conflicting information when I searched online... he eats kitty grass alllll the time so I don't know why he's got this new fascination with the spider plant - yar! the things this cat puts me through, haha...
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Spider plants are on the harmful list for cats. I too had one hanging from the ceiling for many years until the cats found out they could jump on the piano, from that to the top of my desk, then leap across to the plant. When Eightball threw up from eating a bit of it, I got rid of it.

If you can't put it in a place where he can't get to it, find the plant a new home! Some cats may not respond adversely to it, but others will. I chose the better safe than sorry path with my kids.
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Cats always throw up (almost always) after eating greens - it's like a purge for them of some of the undesirables they get into otherwise. Doesn't mean the plant's toxic necessarily, though a huge percentage of plants are listed as such, but many to such a small degree that they won't do serious or permanent damage.
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Yikes! More conflictions here! He did not throw up or show any other side effects after the snack... for now I'm going to tuck up the hanging portions so he can't see them to be enticed to get up there - he's going into our vet on Wednesday, so I will ask her also....
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with mine, they way i got them to stay away from them was to spritz orange/lemon oil on the leaves/pot, and to put orange and lemon rinds on the soil.
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Both of my cats wait for us to come home from the grocery store and will dig in the bag for any leafy green veggie that we bring home.
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Ok, so I asked the vet today about spider plants and kitties (actually, I totally forgot to ask while I was in there and had to call them after I was home, haha - go me!) The tech did not have spider plants down on her "look out for" list and told me to call her back if I came up with anything... so I didt some more extensive searching online and found that both the CFA and ASPCA DO NOT list spider plants as being toxic to cats. So I called back to tell the tech and she was going to add it to the safe list and agreed that they were reputable sources. Although I think I'm still gonna keep the dangling parts tucked up just so Oliver's less attracted to jump up on my mom's server.
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