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Photo Shoot & update

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My kittens are 4 weeks and 2 days old. Some started eating and drinking, one of them even used the litterbox. They have been eating the litter though, its Tidy cats and is NOT clumping, will they be ok?

I took a bunch of pics this morning i wanted to share, there are a lot but i will try to post just my favorites.

First I like to show you guys pictures of House, he is the one I am keeping, he has such a personality and he loves the camera...heres House...

This is Paige...

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They are just TOO CUTE!
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Oh how precious!

Look at those big eyes - they are just too cute!
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omg they are so adorable.... You can post more if you like
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AWWWWWW! What a beautiful boy!!! Post more pics soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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What beautiful markings!
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i love them! they are adorable!!!
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Kittens are like babies, I think, and like to explore things with their mouths. In a few days, they will be too busy pooping in the litterbox, and won't be so inclined to eat it!

Your kittens are just incredible! Those bengal colors are stunning!
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Cute little munkies.
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What adorable babies! I'd LOVE to have a bengal kitty!
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oh my gosh they are just too precious!!!
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They are so darling what sweeties they sure no how to make up to that camera, just darling
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they are absolutly gourgous and can we have some more pics please
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Don't you just love that little wild-eyed kitten look? *smile*
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