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I am having problems with my PM's because while I have been on holiday my inbox seems to have dissappered
I got a e-mail sent to my home address saying that somebody had PM'ed me but I couldn't get into it and then had another e-mail saying that someone else had tried to PM me but my inbox was full.

I can't find my inbox anywhere now. Why is this?

Lucinda x
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Hi Lucinda,

unfortunatly the private message system isnt avaliable to minors (under 18 yrs) so I assume your account has been changed to reflect that.
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Yes, this is the case, Lucinda.
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Oh But I was using it when I joined because people were PM-ing me about breeding cats.
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Yes, it is possible you had brief access to the PM system until your account was changed to reflect your Minor status.
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It's like being at school. Having your e-mails taken away

When will I get them back?
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When you turn 18
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OMG, I will have to wait 3 years
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