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when can a preg. cat feel the babies?

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Ok the past 2 days Angel has done some strange things. LOL Wondering if maybe she is starting to feel the babies moving. she got out about 40 days ago so is between 34-40 days preg (the time she was gone, but figuring 37-40 since I don't see it taking 6 days for a male to find a female in heat. LOL).

But last night she had just gotten something to eat then kinda did a little hop and a mrrrrrrrrrrrr type of meow. Then looked around. LOL Then went to lay down and did the mrrrrrrrrr a couple more times. LOL Then today she ate, went to go lay down did the mrrrrrrrrrrrr and stood there just looking around, went over to the litter box area then just walked away and went and laid down. Thinking maybe they are starting to move so she can feel them and is wondering what it is.........
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How cute it could be
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I have to preface this once again with the fact that I don't know when Ruby is due as I have only had her for a week, but... She doesn't seem to react at all to the babies moving. For the past few days, I can sit across the room from her and watch the kitties play in her belly (they play with my hands too, if I press on them-- I fell like I'm the pregnant one all over again considering the amount of time I am feeling that cat's belly ). She just sleeps right through. Maybe she's just used to it by now or the sensation is just not the same for cats as it is humans.
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I was able to feel my cat's babies at 54 days.
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My cat does not always like it when the kittens move in her, she makes a annoyed meow and turns over unto her back. It is interesting to watch her kittens move in her.
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Oh I can't wait to feel the babies! LOL Gee only another 2 weeks or so. hahaaaa!

Yeah not sure if Angel can feel them or not. just very funny and not sure what she is reacting to as nothing has been near her when she has done this. heheeee.
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lol cute
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noticed also last night and today she seems to be sleeping on her side more or laying on her side more. Normally she curls up in a circle. LOL Which she did last night to go to sleep but now she is on her side today, and laid on her side upstairs alot last night. LOL So guessing she is getting bigger even though I don't notice it a ton. LOL
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When my cat was pregnant I didn't think she was big at all but I was with her everyday and didn't notice. When my mother came over she was in shock at how big she had gotten. Maybe you just don't realize it. My cat also started sleeping stretched out instead of her normal ball. Also when I could see the babies move my cat did sometimes look around like hey whats that. So it could be because she is feeling them.
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prncss---- thanks. I am thinking it is that I see her 100 times every day. LOL I am at home all day long so always seeing her. And my hubby doesn't like her and is NOT pleased at the idea of babies so he wouldn't look or notice. LOL

maybe my inlaws will notice if they come over soon. LOL I did show my mom a picture today and she made a comment that she now looked like a "normal size cat" and not the "skinny minny" she used to look like. so guess she is bigger.
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