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Daily Thread June 3/06

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Good Saturday morning all!

What are your plans for the weekened?

This weekend is going to be a busy one for us here. Today Jeff's sister is getting married so we are going to be driving to his family's farm for the ceremony I'm sure there are going to be lots of waterworks!

Tomorrow Jeff is leaving for more upgrade training but my family and friends are all going to take turns staying here with me...so that's the good part.

Have a great weekend...I'll fill you in on all the wedding details tonight!
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I've been looking forward to this weekend for some time. Today we're doing our usual trip to the beach to go surfing, and tonight my boyfriend is hosting a sangria party!

Tomorrow is going to be a very relaxing day. It's going to be spent watching movies, practicing swing dancing, and eating delicious wings!

Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!
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good sunday morning (its 12.07am sunday morning here now!! )

Jasmine went to the grandparents today and wont be back until late tomorrow so we have a baby free 24 hours Tonight we just relaxed at home and its been really nice. Tomorrow we are going to spend the day in the garden and doing things that need to be done. I am really looking forward to it... hmmm I think I need a life

have a great weekend everyone
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I have a cold My sinuses are draining so bad I feel sick.... I can not find medication to take since i take blood pressure meds... I am miserable and feeling sick to tummy... I wont be going anywhere...
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Good day to all! It sounds like some of you have a very nice day ahead of you! I am thoroughly jealous. Lol. I am at work till 8pm. I haven't been working out or eating healthy, so I have recommitted today. Unfortunately my gym membership is expired and I can't afford to renew it at the present. I think I might go to the track and jog tonight after work. I shouldn't let not having a gym membership keep me from getting healthy. (Although I'm not too excited about the idea.)
I hope everyone's day progresses to be fantastic!!!
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Good Morning!

I woke up this morning to beautfiul sunshine pouring thru my window - so I've gotten up and got my plants watered and Harley fed as well

We are going to get groceries, new screen for our patio door, which Harley has destroyed and we need to get fixed before the new kitten arrives (or before the landlord sees it!) We also will be getting groceries, yay!

The rest of the day we'll be headed over to a nearby town to watch one of our friends play softball and then out for the night afterwards!

Busy day, but I really dont' want to spend it inside, its gorgeous outside!

Hope everyone has a good Saturday!
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Morning everyone!! We got our new king sized bed yesterday and boy is it HUGE!! Our nightstands used to be level with our old bed but are now a foot shorter then the new one! The cats have to have a stool to get into it! I was floored when I got home last night! But OHHHH is it comfortable!!! it's got a pillowtop and it feels like you are floating on a cloud! unfortunately I was tossing and turning like a fish out of water all night but I still feel like a million $$$ and well rested. So hopefully tonight I will stop tossing and just sleep! The cats love it too! There's so much space on it! ( but it takes up 50% of our room now, but I don't care!) I'm ready for bed again!

Oh yeah I almost forgot, it's our anniversary weekend! We took the weekend off to be together since our anniversary is on Monday and we both will be working, so I better get off here and get ready to go!!!

Have a great weekend everyone!!!
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I had hoped for a day on the beach, but we're overcast with showers and storms forecast for the rest of the day. The sound of the rain is nice and relaxing. I didn't sleep last night, what a great day for a nap! My girlies and I will be having a nice weekend in.
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Its 5.20pm here in sunny Wrexham Its been a real hot day and i have spent it gardening.

Pete is at work and the cats have been lounging around all day sunning themselves in various parts of the house and garden Its been a bit too hot to put Ozzy (guinea pig) in his run today.

Tomorrow is Harley day I haven't been out on my bike for sooo long as the weather has been so awful
Summer jacket will come out of the wardrobe and a trip to lake Bala to see some of my barmy work colleagues do white water rafting All for charity.

Have a great weekend
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Started off by planting most of the veg garden. Then went to my vet's office open house as they built a new facility. All I can say is wow!!!
We had "dirtwork" done today-meaning two side of garage was graded and topsoil added. The 3rd side was graded and screening put down for our brick patio area that is our summer project. The old walk between the two buildings was destroyed and a new one made, part of blacktop driveway removed for a brick paver one and topsoil for the sides. The area in back of potting shed was scraped down and leveled. Some rocks moved. We had about 25 yards of topsoil added and 18 yards or so of screenings.
Its all quite messy now the the end results will be great. Going to neighbor's tonite to watch their kids for a few hours!!
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