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Litter question...?

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Ok, so this may sound dumb, but I am keeping my new kitty's litterbox in my bedroom, because it's really the only low traffic spot in my house....I'm just wondering if by me breathing the litter all night, I will end up with some sort of disease?! I have heard this somewhere, and it's got me a little worried...I guess maybe I'm over reacting...Is it ok for it to be in my room???
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I do not see why it would be a problem, as long as you keep it clean and sanitize once in a while to keep infections and dangerous bacterias away. I know a lot of people who has many cats and keep litter boxes everywhere, including their bedrooms!
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It should be fine as long as you keep the boxes clean and wash them thoroughly when you empty them completely for a new fill up.
If you are thinking about toxoplasmosis, it is more of a danger to pregnant women and generally only for outdoor cats that are more likely to carry the parasites.
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I keep it in my bedroom and never had a problem... I dont think it is unless you are expecting...
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Thanks!!! I was just worried because I had heard so much stuff...and this is my first time keeping a kitty indoors. I'm not pregnant so, I'm good to go. And I'll def sanitize it once a week! Thanks for the help everyone!!!
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Have had the(some) litter boxes in my room since 1996 and nothing has come of it...Nothing like waking up to the smell of a cat poop freshly put out tho... EVIL GRIN!!! RJ
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No, there's no risk of health problems whatsoever unless you exercise a total lack of common sense, e.g. not cleaning the box. To minimize dust, I find it helpful to fill the litterbox outdoors if possible and let it "settle" for a couple of minutes before bringing it indoors.
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