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Small amount of blood in Kitten's poo

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Hi. I just recently adopted an orphaned kitten. I brought him to the vet today and he told me he was healthy. Before the visit with the vet I was feeding him KMR milk. The vet told me my cat is 5 weeks old and that it is old enough to have some solid food mushed in with its KMR. I fed him KMR only two times before the visit and feed him KMR/solid food twice after. About an hour ago he pooed out liquid stool two or three times. Is that diarrhea? As I was cleaning the mess I noticed what looked like a small amount of blood in his stool. Should I be worried?
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Could be the kitten was strining because of the food switch... i woud worry if it happenes again... But just in case call let the vet know...
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Wow, that was quick. Thank you. I just read that Whiskas, the solid food I bought my kitten, is really bad. Is this true? I really had no idea. I thought as long as I wasn't buying store brand I would be fine. If Whiskas really is bad what would be better food? What is considered healthy solid food?
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I would try Nutro... Yes whiskas will also give really stinky gas... I use nutro.. I dont like to use friskeys or fancy feast but if I have to I will over whiskies... I use Nutro wet and Nutro Dry... Some love California Natural... I did read Wal-Mart does make a new brand and it is good but am not sure of the name.. If I recal it I will post the name...
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At this age, he also may need to be wormed, even if he has had one dosage, some parasites require a second dose to effectively kill all worms.
I would not consider whiskas a premium food, you might try Royal Canin, Nutro, even Iams kitten would be suitable.
I prefer to feed Hills A/D canned to my younger kittens with either warm water or KMR to make it more of a mush, and around 6 weeks begin crushing dry kibble into the food to slowly wean onto kibble. Hills A/D is very easy to digest for young kittens and seems to be very palatable as well.
What color is the stool, yes it does sound to be diarrhea. The stool color could also indicate a bacteria imbalance, so feeding a little plain yougurt would help to get to replenish the good bacteria.
He could just be stressed with all the new surroundings, which could be bringing on a bout of loose stool.
Dehydration is the biggest concern with diarrhea. Make sure your kitten continues getting plenty of water. A kitten this age can become dehydrated in as little as 6 hours.
If the kitten does start showing symptoms of dehydration, you can syringe a few cc's or ml's of Pedialyte with 50% water dilution to help restore the kitten.
You can also give childrens Immodium A/D. I would assume this kitten is around 1lb, check weight before hand, but our vet suggests 0.25 cc's or ml's of Childrens Immodium A/D per pound to firm stool.
I would bring a stool sample into the vet as soon as you can, to have a fecal done. Your vet will be able to help give medication if it is needed.
Congratulations on your newest furry family member. How wonderful that you rescued him!!
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Stool color was normal dark brown. The blood in the stool was light red. I was told from one of my friends, who raised 4 cats, that kittens this young don't need water and that the KMR will double as a food and something to drink. I tried feeding it water, but it doesn't like it. Should I keep trying?

I brought the vet a stool sample. I will get the results tomorrow and I will ask him about the blood.
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Good choice. I hope everything comes out ok.
P.S. I wouldn't feed Whiskas. . .try maybe a brand that is premium/more well known/veterinarian recommended. Since you're going to the vet could you ask what food he could recommend over Whiskas?
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the one that Walmart carries is called Maximum natural I believe (I know it is Maximum). I have just recently switched my cats to this. They have a kitten variety too, but I found not all Walmarts carry the kitten one (unless the first one I went to was just out of it???)
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