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The Amish Virus

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You have just received the Amish Virus to delete your files. Since we do not have electricity or computers, you are on the honor system. Please delete all of your files.

We thank thee.
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Well I better start cracking them if I am going to delete all of my workplace files! LOL
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LOL I live in "Amish country". They don't have electricity, but I have heard that they will use phones to call the vet, and they ride in cars although they don't own them.

They definitely have their own way of speaking "Throw the cow over the fence some hay" is a typical joke, onct.
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We have a lot of Amish people in southern MN. Besides riding in cars they will also ride city buses when they are in larger towns.

Oooooh Noooo!!!!! Now my computer's infected with that silly Amish Virus!! Thanks alot Hissy!!!!
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Oh my goodness! The word zipper has disappeared from my word processor! The car is eating grass! My red dress is turning grey and my children are becoming obedient! What is happening? Is this the end of the world or..............THE AMISH VIRUS???????????????
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OMG!!!! This is scary, first the phone quit working, and now the power's failing!!!! Jeanie, it has to be the Amish Vir.....
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Hissy, I think the virus has erased our Lorie files!! Isn't there anything we can do? Where are all of you computer experts?
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