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What is 'grilled' pizza?

HLCI go without soda?
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till you get parched!

(Pizza cooked on the grill)

HLCI sleep before I have to get up?
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Till your alarm clock (or a hungry Kitters) drives you crazy!

HLCI stand the hubby being home sick today?
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I couldn't stand that even for an hour

HLCI stay on TCS without getting in trouble at work?
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Forever Long, cause I don't work. LOL.

HLCI go without having a feline companion in the home after one passes away?
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7.5 hours! haha

HLCI go without watching any TV?
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Oh gracious....maybe a few hours....I'm a total tv addict.

HLCI go without laughter.
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Five minutes? I laugh in my sleep!

HLCY go without eating ice cream?
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That's just wrong, no one should go without ice cream.

HLCI water the plants for?
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till they float awa!!!

HLCI stare longingly at Kitters!!?
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Till she thinks your just plain nuts

HLCI cuddle with Lucy?
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Till I come and steal her away from you!
(no really it just looks like I have two cats!)

HLCI sit here being cold before I actually get up to close the door?
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Till your goosebumps have goosebumps

HLCI deal with allergies (thankfully not from the kitties)?
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Till your eyes swell shut and your head explodes from mucus! Been there!!!

HLCI stress over funds?
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Till you can't feed Kitters and she starts thinking you look tasty

HLCI kiss the top of the baby's head?
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Did I mention I'm done procrastinating...finally?
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Glad to see that you have stopped procrastinating!!!

Till there is a bald spot from too many kisses!!!

HLCI keep from sneezing?
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Till your eyes pop out of your head

HLCI sit in the sun?
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until you turn into a crispy critter

HLCI survive on 3 dollars?
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Till you've digested the McDonald's value meal

HLCI listen to the stupid neighbors and their loud car?
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Till you stuff one of them into the tail pipe!!! ( that just makes me giggle!)

HLCI keep working my butt off and still have a big butt?
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It made me giggle too

2.5 seconds

HLCI keep sneaking onions into food without getting caught (Brent hates onions)?
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Quite a while, I did it too! Now DH eats them more than me!

HLCI hide the fact that I'm going to come and sneak Lucy away from you?
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I guess till she's actually been catnapped

HLCI Keep her hidden?
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Till she sneaks out to play!!!!

How long can I hold out for hubby to make dinner before I actually just break down and make it myself???
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