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Are potatos bad to give to cats... I know I should just feed them cat food but I am wondering.
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You know it is funny that you asked! My cat likes to eat potatos' skin!!!! ...and I am no sure why... and if it is good or bad for him...
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Skins am not sure are good because it is tuff but potatoes... I know we can feed rice and chicken LOL... I am curiouse now also
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Sierra and Serenity's Innova as well as several other quality cat foods and even some homemade recipes contain cooked potatoes. They're not dangerous when properly prepared in the correct proportion as part of a healthy diet. That's a unique little kitty craving. Potatoes are one of my favorite foods, perhaps we could have dinner some time.
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I love potatoes also... My family will actually make 5lbs of lump mash taters and have it for breakfast
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Oh please, guys! MY HUBBY IS A POTATO JUNKIE! If I do not have cooked potatoes in our house- I am looking into an argument- he likes it any way I cook it, and if I have something else on a table, it is better be soup with potatoes in it, cause if there is no potatoes on a table- he threatens to divorce me LOL ( jk)
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I actually caught demon stealing a chip off my plate. I decided to let him have it because it was a little peice and I figured he would lick the salt off and leave it.... well he crunched down the whole thing! I don't think it hurt him... but he seemed to like it alot.
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Mine love potatoes and as someone said above it is an ingredient in some premium cat foods, so it can't be all bad, they only get a little taste though.

Now if anyone can answer the question of baked beans because Boomer stole some from my BF's plate yesterday?
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Spot used to steal french fries--he would literally bite my finger trying to get at them. Cooked potatoes in small quantities are probably okay, but beware of raw ones! The green parts (especially sprouts and the eyes) can be toxic.
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Very good point about raw potatoes being dangerous. They should only be served properly cooked.
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One time my boyfriend came home with a chicken sandwich and an order of french fries from McDonalds. He put the stuff int he living room and as he went to get a glass of water he left the stuff unattended. Rosie stole a french fry from him. My boyfriend came into the living room and was shocked to see this girl eating a fry.

She was begging for more. When my boyfriend wouldn't give her one she walked away tail down, moping, as if to say, "What? I'm not cute enough for a fry?"

Potato plant being a member of the nightshade family is considered toxic but like someone said it's the leaves and the eyes. So a bit of mashed potato should be ok. It's got to be, it's in Innova Evo.
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