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It depends what is going on. If I am going to a party, I will usually just buy a micky or a 26 of polar ice. If im just hanging out a home and feel like a nice cold drink I'll have smirinoff ice or mike's hard lemonade.
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42 below - a beautiful NZ vodka. I recently had a very bad experience with vodka. NEVER again.
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Originally Posted by catloverin_ks
I *usually* drink some type of whiskey and coke-but then sometimes I get in the mood for a good strawberry daq. or pina colada And then again sometimes its Mikes Hard Lime or just something simple like that....but NO beer for me-yuck!
Mikes Hard Lime is my favourite cooler but I cant find it around here anymore. One bar where I used to live used to have it but the lcbo doesnt sell it anymore. I usually drink rum and coke, screwdrivers or just whatever sounds good at the time.
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I'm a rum girl and enjoy Malibu Coconut Rum in Pineapple juice, and for a little change, add a splash of Midori.
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For me it's wine(of course), UV Vodka and Lemonade, or a good Bloody Mary. Only I like the ones Brad makes though, I'm spoiled! He's such a good bartender. (what can I say? His dad owns the Liquor store that he works in, so he better know his liquors!)
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Originally Posted by squirtle
For Vodka, I would highly recommend Grey Goose. It's a little more expensive that the others, but well worth it
I agree, and the bottle is pretty too! If you have a lit bar it looks cool with a light behind it.
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Vodka is basically the only liquor I drink, don't like Rum and whiskey has a bad experience tied to it My favorite is Skyy, its so smooth! Absolut for some reason has no effect on me I could drink it all night and never get a buzz, my favorite drinks are Bloody Mary's, usually get those when I go out to dinner, but I also love a very simple vodka and cranberry juice
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grey goose is awesome vodka...it's a little expensive though, but it taste so good. If I'm broke I buy the Smirnoff flavored vodkas...they're pretty good and you can get them on sale. The grey goose is twice as much, so I reserve it for special occasions, or just for me.

Drinks I prefer!
watermelon martini
apple martini
mud slides

And for picnics & such, we usually get an asst pack of smirnoff coolers...they come in awesome flavors!
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I like Apple Vodka!! Apple vodka and apple juice!! Mmmmmmmmmm
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