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Is this true?????

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" Did you know:

Most cats love tuna fish. However tuna contains a chemical that prevents the cat's body from absorbing vitamin E. This can cause a painful condition called "yellow fat disease". A safe way is to stick with manufactured tuna flavored food. "


Just wonder.... I have never heard this. I thought I posted this once.... guess not.....
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Human canned tuna when fed in excess does indeed cause problems. Using a tiny morsel as an occasional treat or using tuna juice to entice a finicky cat to eat is fine. Just not human canned tuna in excess.
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Yup, I've posted a link to an article on this (the condition is called steatitis) a number of times...makes a difference if feeding tuna in water versus tuna packed in oil.

If you do a forum search on "article on cats and tuna" it should pull up the threads where I list the link.
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Another alternative to the tuna flavored food is to get Solid Gold tuna. It's much higher quality than most of the flavored stuff, but it has added vitamins to prevent steatitis.
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Yes, this is true. You can avoid the problem by giving tuna made specially for cats. The best quality versions of this would be Solid Gold or (for a much cheaper price) Trader Joe's cat tuna. Lower quality cat tunas would include Figaro and Nine Lives. Any of these are acceptable.
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