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For the ladies........ 8*)

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Winter Hawk
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A rose by any other name is....
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Very pretty!!
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Aw, so pretty! Thank you!
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Aww-thats so pretty Thank you!!
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It is a beautiful rose, thank you
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AWW I got a rose Thank You.
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Thanks, I haven't got roses for a while...last time I got flowers Trout ate them and I almost lost her ...So we agreed that we don't have flowers in the house anymore..

But thats a really nice pic
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Beautiful pic! Thanks!
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Aww, thanks so much. Just gorgeous!
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That's so cute. LOL. Thanks.
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My Grandma used to have tiny roses in her backyard of the same deep coral color. Just lovely, and it brings back happy memories. Thanks for taking the time to post such a lovely pic!
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How beautiful...oh, I love roses!! Thank you for sharing the gorgeous picture!!
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That is SO Beautiful!!
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Thats a very beautiful rose!
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That is just gorgeous!!! Not as pretty but here is one for you too!!!!
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Very nice.
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Why thank you! Today must be my lcuky day, one of my residents brought me a bouquet of daisies today as well! How nice!!!!!!
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Oh what a beautiful rose. Looks alot like the one I have in my yard. Thank you!
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That's a beautiful rose- fabulous phtography thanks!
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very pretty! I love the color!!!
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Aww...thanks. Wait 'til I tell DH I got a rose from another guy. He'll be so jealous.
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