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Another poopy question

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Hi All,
I'm new to the site and I did see a posting about cats soiling outside of their boxes but my question is a little different. I was just so curious about this display that I needed to see if anyone else has experienced similar situations or might have some insight. A few years ago for no apparent reason, in our 1 room apartment, our cat freaked out, ran under the bed, and it turned out he broke his pelvic bone if 4 places. A couple months before that he was very sick and had plasma transfusions and all kinds of scary treatments after he was diagnosed with bad gingivitis that went into his esophagus. Anyway, when we took him to the vet for the emergency, the x-ray showed that he was fully impacted. The vet told us that sometimes when they are angry they hold their waste, she didn't say why or what they think this is accomplishing but regardless, he was quite full! We know he continues to do this because if the box isn't clean (my husband's job), I think he holds it until it is very large and stinky and then he will drop it on the first step, the hallway, or somewhere he knows we might step in it, or he waits until the box is freshly cleaned and then lets it rip.

Earlier this week, the box wasn't clean. I got home from work, got changed to go for my run with our dog, I always feed him before I leave. I was in the kitchen near his bowl, putting a couple things away and then I looked down and just about on my feet he was squatting!! It was right infront of his food bowl and I had to move to get out of the way! Was he just being mean??? He didn't even give me a chance to pick up his food bowl. He is portly (17lbs) and loves his food but he has dry food all day. He's almost 11 now and my husband found him years before we met, his mother had just dropped him on the side of the street, just born. My husband fed him with a dropper and he actually survived. He does have a lot of medical issues so I'm assuming the mommy knew he was sick. Anyway, he used to be an outdoor cat when he lived with my husband. Then we married and moved and he became an indoor cat, also because of his health. It has been at least 5 years since he has been outside, he is always scratching at doors, eating dried flowers, pine cones, or anything that was once alive. I think in the spring he just gets extra mad at us for not letting him out.

Any thoughts on this matter? I would really appreciate it if anyone could shed some light on this peculiar, crazy, unique, but the love of my life kitty!!


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I think it is pretty clear that he needs a clean litter box. Put yourself in his place. Would you want to sit and concentrate on a toilet full of urine and poop? Probably not. You have the luxury of sitting above the old excrement -- the cat has to stand in it! It only makes sense that your cat wants a clean box to potty in. So the simple solution is to scoop the box a minimum of twice daily. If hubby won't scoop, then you should!
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