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Marie's Birthday Pics

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Here is Marie Louise's 1st Birthday cupcake!

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Oh my goodness!! What a precious little angel she is!
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Wow she is super cute!!!!! That cupcake looks so goooooooooood too!
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What is it about a clean baby that loves a nice frosting laden cake!! She is adorable!! Prepare to be fighting all the boys of with sticks!!
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too adorable
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Anne, she is darling!
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She is too cute for words!!! Now you made me want a cupcake!
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CUTE!!! I just noticed your little ticker saying Happy Birthday on another thread you posted something on, and was hoping to come across your post about it!

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We took the first ones above with just the immediate family and then this happened today with family and friends.

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She got two cakes!! She is so darling!
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Would you look at her?! She is too precious, and that smile.....
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SHe is 1 and so darn cute Happy Birthday
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What a little doll. We had to sort of persuade my nephew to be messy on his first birthday by grandma dotting frosting on his nose, looks like Maire had no problem letting loose on her own!!!
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