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Play Time

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On average how long in a day do you spend playing with your kitten? I know that with Tobi, I spend a good 2-3hrs a day give or take, playing with him. This is mostly due to the fact that he will come and meow and meow and moew at me untill i go and play with him.

Should I always respond to his meows? I love playing with him, but it tends to get into the way of things that I need to do around the house.
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Just like kids...they would love ALL of your attention but It just isn't possible. If you do respond every time he will continue to ask. Sometimes I just give them a pat on the head, a rub under the chin and contiue with my work. He would have someone else to play with if you got him a brother or sister. The more the merrier.
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Well Skittles always takes my whole day LOL... Now she will bring me her kittens to lay with me so I will play and love her... I have to love the kittens she pushs my hand to. I would say 4 hrs is what wouold come to when they get older in Skittles batch... That is between us 4 living here...
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I always love to spend time with little Molly. We love to play, though cuddling is what we do best. Although as she is getting through her age of 6 weeks, she's sort of moving on to playing more and getting in to stuff. It must be at least a few hours, though I know I need to make an effort to do what I need to do that's unrelated to her either less often or more quickly so I can be a better mom. I try very hard to be the best kitty mama I can.
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