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Prayers Needed for someone

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This isn't for me. Its for another family, who I don't know, but are suffering a crisis. Their 14 year old daughter had been kidnapped on Wednesday morning. Here is the story. I really fear this thing because in most cases, most kidnapping of children result in death.

Sometimes I wonder why I keep seeing two or three girls together alone when it is not safe anymore. Boys too.

Police Looking For Clues in Girl Disappearance
Thursday, June 6, 2002

After a day of fruitless searching for a missing 14-year-old Salt Lake City girl, her father begged her presumed abductor to allow his daughter to come home.
"Please let her go, please," a tearful Edward Smart said. "She doesn't do anything to anyone and there's no reason you should have her."
Elizabeth Smart's early morning disappearance from her home in the affluent Federal Heights neighborhood occurred as her parents slept and her 9-year-old sister watched. Police said a man with a handgun entered the girls' bedroom around 2 a.m. and threatened to harm Elizabeth if the younger sister told her parents.
Hours passed before the frightened girl ran into her parents' bedroom and the couple called police about 4 a.m. Wednesday.
Neighbors and police with a helicopter and dogs began scouring the neighborhood and foothills near 1500 E. Kristianna Circle (430 North) in northeast Salt Lake City. The search initially was expanded to include neighboring states and later, with FBI assistance, became a nationwide hunt. Salt Lake City police Chief Rick Dinse said Elizabeth, missing for so long, could be almost anywhere. "There's no way of telling where she is," Dinse said. "You just don't know how far they could have gone by now."
Mayor Rocky Anderson said a $10,000 reward was posted for information about Elizabeth's disappearance. Countless fliers containing her picture were posted all over the city.
"Elizabeth, we are doing everything we possibly can to help you," the girl's father said, addressing television cameras. "We love you. We want you to come home."
Smart, a mortgage investment broker, said he is unaware of any enemies.
The younger sister described the man as soft-spoken, 5-foot-8, wearing white pants, a white baseball cap and light jacket. She told police she did not hear a car and police have no vehicle description.
Investigators say there is no indication the man knew Elizabeth, who is 5-foot-6 and weighs 105 pounds, with blond hair and blue eyes. She was wearing red satin pajamas and the sister said the man allowed Elizabeth to grab a pair of shoes.
"It appears as though they walked out a door," said Detective Dwayne Baird.
Dinse refused to say whether the family home had an alarm system or whether it functioned properly. He also would not say whether the suspect had cut the window screen to get inside.
The Smarts' $1.19 million home, being partially renovated, is for sale. Police were trying to interview potential buyers or contractors who may have had recent access to the house.
Baird said investigators were also trying to determine whether any neighbors had surveillance cameras that might have videotaped anything suspicious. Police also searched the family's computer to see if Elizabeth had had contact with any strangers online.
Authorities were investigating recent parolees and contacted t he National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. "We're not going to leave any stone unturned," Baird said.
Elizabeth's parents and five siblings were interviewed, said Dinse, adding, "We have no reason to believe the family was involved."
At least two nearby residents called authorities overnight to report hearing the rumble of motorcycles, said Salt Lake County Sheriff 's Office spokeswoman Peggy Faulkner.
Elizabeth's classmates at Bryant Intermediate School were struggling with the news. Principal Frances Battle made an announcement about the Smart's suspected kidnapping Wednesday morning during the year-end talent show.
A crisis team of four or five counselors went to the school to talk with teachers and students.
"Right now, it's a bunch of questions that nobody can answer and that's what's really scary," said Jason Olsen, Salt Lake City School District spokesman.
The principal described Elizabeth as a polite, good student who plays the harp and sings in the school's show choir.
"She's really smart . . . everybody loves her," said Sissy Galbraith, a teen-age neighbor who attends the Smarts' church and plays on the same basketball team as Elizabeth.
Elizabeth's cousins described her as innocent, sweet and loyal. "I've heard her say 'idiot' once," said Elise Dumke.
"It's impossible" that the girl would have contacted strangers in an Internet chat room, cousin Sierra Smart said. "There's just no way."

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Children should be safe at home in their beds! I wish her family comfort and hopefully she will be returned safely.
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Hopefully she will be returned home safe and sound. I just hope that this doesn't turn out like most other kidnappings where they are murdered.
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This family sure does need our prayers!
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These stories make me so sad. It's just so unfair. Kids should be safe, especially in their own homes. This is happening more and more. Polly Klass, that little 6 year old girl in California earlier this year. I feel so awful for all the parents. You think your kids are safe in your home. I just hope that she's okay and gets returned. I will pray for her. Thanks for telling us. Even though it's really sad, maybe with all our prayers, there will be a 'happy' ending.
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It's really scary when kids aren't even safe in their own bedrooms. I hope Elizabeth is still alive and that she and her family will be happily reunited.
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This is so very sad. I said a prayer for her safe return and for her family.
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and her family, poor little lamb. It doesn't seem fair that we aren't save even in our homes anymore. What also doesn't seem fair is one must have near perfect CREDIT to get any kind of security system for their home! So, I gotta have good credit to LIVE?? Arrggghhh....

At any rate, I pray that this girl be sent home where she belongs safe and sound. I pray that the Lord protect her and keep her wherever she is and that her strength be even stronger with the love of the Lord to surround her.


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Everyone...if you can and if you wish here's my idea...

FOCUS hard on this little girls picture...say your prayers to her, send her your strength and love. I am going to after I am done posting this.

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I've been following this on MSNBC. The guy had a two-hour head start. That allows for a lot of mileage, for a getaway. Elyse, I've got one of the best security systems around and it took no credit: one large, territorial dog and a 9mm automatic pistol. The dog, alone can be enough to scare someone off. Noone, outside of the family, can enter our yard or, home without Bill or me.
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As much as I hope they find her safe and sound, I don't think this will have a happy ending. On MSNBC, the milkman saw a suspicious vehicle around their house the day before the kidnapping...... They really haven't said much about the guy they found in the canyon today, either ......

On another note, has anyone been watching the trial on the Van Damme case? The defense is trying to discredit the parents and their lifestyle. How sad is that?
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The Abrams Report, on MSNBC, has been covering the sleazy tactics of the defense. OK, other people MAY have had access to the house that night. How does that explain the girl's blood and hair, in the pervert's RV? So what, if the mother was having a "girls' night out"? Its not like she left the kid alone - the father was home.
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I got my PITBULL and she's awful protective...in fact, I think that's why we've been left alone as long as we have!

I haven't had the heart to watch the Van Damme case but I'm aware of it, their neighbor took their daughter right?? Ugghh...part of me wants to see it, another part of me knows I'd just get angry.

Yeah, I heard a bit part about some guy in a canyon and two gunshots but I didn't get to hear the whole thing! Was that in the same area where Elizabeth Smart disappeared?

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Here are some websites. They are about the kidnapped girl. If any of you have seen or have some info, write or call.
Its been six days and no sign of the poor girl. Here are the sites:

Elizabeth Smart

Missing Children Information

Laura Recovery Center
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It really makes you wonder about countries like Colombia or Mexico where kidnappings are everyday occurences...
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