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Hello all.
I was wondering about what catnip is all about. Some people say it's bad and that it is an unfair drugging to your cat, and some say it's harmless and useful. Do you use catnip with your cat? What do you think of it health-wise and inyour opinion?
Thanks, Virginia
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Great question. I always had a catnip phobia because my parents were anti cat nip.

I do give my 2 cats toys that have catnip and they absolutely LOVE them. They go crazy! It's funny to watch! I only give them those toys about once a week and then take them away.

I'm a liberal girl so it's not the drugging part that bothers me!

Should kittens have catnip?
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I've never heard anything bad about catnip - I don't think it's possible for them to become catnip addicts! Mine certainly enjoy a roll in the nip from time to time! Not all cats react to it though, and I believe it has no effect on small kittens - the response to catnip doesn't kick in until they're older.
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I've used catnip with my cats for many, many years - way before the business. I find responses can really vary..certainly if it made my cat aggressive I wouldn't give it to them. If they simply get a little silly, what's wrong with that?

To be a catnip responder, a cats must inherit the proper genes, and be at the age of sexual maturity (which for some breeds and some mixed breeds with the oriental/siamese breeds behind them, means 4 months).

If a cat does not respond to catnip, they may respond to honeysuckle and/or valerian root.
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I offer my cats catnip and sometimes they eat it, so I wouldnt say you were drugging the cat because if they dont want it, they dont take it
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I love giving cat nip to my cats! It's so funny to watch. We would get a kick out of my 11 year old cat,Chipper, that passed away a few years ago! He would start rolling and was so funny. He would even do tricks for a dog!!! GOOD TIMES!
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I give my cat organic catnip, and she eats it...i feel there's no harm in offering them once in a while...
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I did not know it was bad... I love to watch the catnip snacking
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I give my cats cat nip but it is funny. My hyper kitty it has NO effects on at all. My grouchy kitty LOVES it and it calms her so she isn't such a witch. LOL And my LAZY kitty also loves it and gets very playful. My inbetween kitty, not lazy but laid back it doesn't do much for. LOL

So to me seems it works in cranky kitties and lazy ones and not much else or at least in my house! hahaaa.

But I have only bought the cheap petstore kind. Going to order some good organic stuff for them soon! and some new toys.
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Kitters used to not do anything with catnip but she has come to like it a bit more now. And she is quite a funny little bug with it. She plays for a while then naps! But like everyone else here I don't give it to her very often. Moderation is the key with ANYTHING in life. Even things that are good for you need to be giving in moderation! You can have too much of a good thing!
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Jazzy loves catnip, she goes really silly with it

Jake has a roll and a scratch but it doesn't affect him as much and Izzy doesn't know what all the fuss is about

Jaz will eat it and i dont believe it does any harm, she also loves her catnip toys.
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I have to admit, the only reason why I use to think it was bad was because my roommate at the time said that it has a similar effect to Marjiuana, but it's natural and good for them.
So that explaination cause me to question catnip.

However after getting my first cat it was explained better to me (that its a harmless without consequences). Most cats love it. Heck, I planted a catnip plant 3 weeks ago for our cats (fresh from the stalk) and some neighborhood cat ran off with it (roots and ALL)
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We were given a catnip plant and put it in our 2nd bathroom (this was in WI in the dead of winter) so we could regulate their intake. Well, the older of our two boys at the time figured out how to slide the door open and feasted upon that plant until it was nothing but tiny stalks. He didn't seem to be affected by it, perhaps he just liked the taste.

I do give my boys toys with the nip in it and they'll roll around on them. I've also given them treats that have the nip in them. They like those just fine but they don't really prefer them over any other treats.

None of them have ever gotten silly or behaved strangely as a result of eating or playing with it. What Pat & Alix says seems to be the case with our cats; they must not have the genes for it.
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I give my boys catnip as a post-brushing treat. Tailer and Harvey HATE to be brushed, so knowing that they'll get catnip afterwards makes it a bit more tolerable.
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My kitties have one of those scratching boards in a box that has catnip all laced through it. They love it! My Female SF runs to it whenever you go in her room and shows off for you by scratching it and rolling on it. She gets very unhappy if you take it away. Do you think she is addicted??
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