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What is your fav Kind of Pizza???

Im cooking pizza right now, and i just wana know
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mmmm...ham, pineapple, and
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I really like fresh basil, fresh tomato, grilled chicken, roasted garlic and pine nuts on mine... with a pesto sauce and thin crust... YUM!!!
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There was a thread about this just recently

My all time favorite is Chicken Pizza from Green Mill!
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I am not a vegan but I love the vegitarian pizza
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i could eat pizza's one of my favorite foods. i had a slice last night actually, and just one slice wasn't nearly enough.

fave toppings- pepperoni, mushrooms, and onions-and sometimes artichoke hearts
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White pizza with brocolli
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Originally Posted by lauracatlover
mmmm...ham, pineapple, and

Ew, that is the most disgusting thing, why do people love it so much?
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I like sausage, pepperoni, chicken alfredo, and meat trio the best.. and I love stuffed crust pizza!
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Love it all, just leave off the fruit and fishies!
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Originally Posted by kittylover4ever
Love it all, just leave off the fruit and fishies!

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I just had vegetarian last night
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Pepperoni with lots of cheese!!!!!!! I'm in Pizza withdrawal I haven't had it in 10 days!
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I love so many...except ones with olives. you can keep those. I also dislike tomatoey/marinara sauce in anything more than an absolutely minimal amount. :P

Some of my faves are:

: sausage, pepperoni, onion, and mushrooms with extra cheese and light/no sauce.


:"mariachi pizza" (hammburger, extra cheese, and no sauce)
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Originally Posted by lucat
White pizza with brocolli

I had spinach pizza with white sauce, mushrooms, onion, and garlic. It was so very yummy.....
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Oohhh...spinich and white cheez pizza! YUM!

I personally love pepperoni, black olives and pineapple. Sounds gross I Know...its just one of those things you have to try...
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I could either go Bacon Cheeseburger, or really natural Italian (like sun-dried tomatos, basil, with an alfredo sauce, etc.).

I love vegetarian pizzas, too...veggies are sooooo good roasted!!
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Originally Posted by Trouts mom
Ew, that is the most disgusting thing, why do people love it so much?
i don't know why people love it so much but I like it!!
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Mmmm, you guys have me starving now!!!!! Pizza sounds so good, I love it any way just about, except the fishies or olives. It must have extra cheese. YUM!!! My all time fave though is alfredo pizza. MMm mmm good.
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i really need to stop opening this thread, because everytime i do, it makes me want pizza. hmm. maybe i'll get some for lunch.
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I actually just got done eating my Cheese and pineapple pizza!! YAY!

It was awesome!
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I think i need pizza right now... I am starving and thinking about it.. Besides the Chevron sells it here
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DH could eat pizza every single day and every single night without fail. Myself, I need a bit of variety. Though when he get's his way and gets pizza, we like the Grand Finale (which has, fresh mushrooms, bacon, pepperoni, ham, salomi, italian sauage, and cheese) otherwise we get a pepperoni and sausage pizza. I like veggy pizza though he won't eat it!
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I love just about any pizza, in fact we just had it tonight! Yay for pizza! Probably my favorite food. I love deep dish, thin crust, sicilian, regular crust with mushrooms and sweet/green peppers being my favorite toppings.

There is a place called Frank & Nick's and they make a "Ziti pizza" and it's too die for! The best!
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Anything except tomato paste and soy sauce.

I can't believe someone would put soy sause in pizzas in the first place.
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We used to own a pizza shop. My favourite is meat lovers.
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My favourite is bbq chicken from boston pizza but its like $30 (canadian) for a large. I want pizza now. I also love Hawaiian and Canadian pizza.
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