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My Cat Won't Eat!

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Well, its not really that he won't eat period, he just won't eat cat food! My cat's name is Ashten and he is an older cat. We don't know his exact age because we got him and his sister Siam when they were both adults from a woman who had a lot of cats. We think Ashten is at least 10 years old now, maybe even 12 or 13. Anyway, the problem is that he won't eat cat food anymore, whether it is canned or dry. We have tried all types of food, and he might eat it once and never again. (Siam eats primarily dry food and is healthy and plump).

Ashten has become thin to the point where it is unpleasant to pet him (although we still do) because you can feel all of his bones. We have taken him to the vet and had blood tests and the whole nine yards done and have found nothing. Ashten is not vomiting nor having diarrhea and his behavior is normal otherwise. We have even had him dewormed to see if that had a hand in causing the thinness to no avail.

We feed Ashten chicken, beef, oily canned tuna, and other things just to get him to eat something. I know Ashten gets hungry because he eats those foods with great enthusiasm. Does anybody know how to get a cat to eat cat food? I want to be sure that Ashten is getting the proper nutrition. Does anybody know anything about raw diets for cats or anything like that?

I am at my wits end with this finicky cat!!
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It's time for a check-up and a senior blood panel.

Keep feeding him anything he wants in the meantime.

But you did say he has lost a lot of weight. This is not good at any age and surely warrants a to the VET!
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Have you tried mixing in some of the food he will eat with cat food to tempt him to eat the cat food? Perhaps just a little bit of the cat food to begin with, gradually adding more? He won't be getting all the nutrients he needs if he's just eating human meat and fish.
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fancy feast , bonito flakes , eggs, broiled chn any of these may tempt baby to eat but you need a vet
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If you had read my post thoroughly you would see that I mentioned that I have already had a bloodwork done (they also did a urinalysis) and it came up with nothing. That is why I am confused. Thank you for your replies though. I will try what urbantigers suggested. In the meantime I think I'll also call the vet again....
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There are many types of blood work - you did not mention what the blood work included - did this one incl. the Thyroid?
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If anything else fails, try Fancy Feast cod, sole, and shrimp. I had never seen a cat who wouldn't eat this food.

It is not in my opinion a very good food. However, it is better than not eating at all.
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