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Sammy will not stop chasing Saba~problem....

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Sammy joined our household May 20. He is an 8 yr old neutered boy with a loving, gentle, laid-back personality. He has certianly claimed our house as his new home....however, he is chasing Saba incessantly. It's to the point where she can't even go from the dining room to upstairs or to the litter box or to me. He chases her. He is not bullying - his paws are folded inward and he gurgles with delight. He is not mean or aggressive.

Since he is a re-home from the shelter, I don't know how much of this in him is ingrained behavior over the years as "ok" or whether it's also an adjustment reaction to having a new little sister. I'm concerned about little Saba, too. She will not fight him, she will just withdraw into herself...she lost her older brother Sasha on May 11 and now she is adjusting to Sammy - who she seemed to like - but now she is showing signs of stress and anger towards me by lashing out and being very moody when I approach her. I know she is trying to tell me she is not happy. I literally had to pick her up myself and bring her upstairs this morning so she could sit in her favorite place!
And yes, I play with him every night. I play with both of them so she feels nothing is taking me away from her.
Please help - any suggestions??
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Wow, that's a hard one. It sounds like he's very energetic and just wants to play with her. And if she won't give him boundaries, that's really hard. My newest cat wants to play a lot too, but my other cats pretty much let her know when she's going over the line. I think I would try playing with them together, and when he goes after her too hard, I would pick him up and touch his nose and say "NO." And then put him down, reassure her, and continue playing with them both? So he still gets to play, but you give him the boundaries.
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I've started to do that with no avail. A lot of the chasing happens during the night or morning hours. I can hear them zooming around the house. Short of waking up every hour and being a zombie at my job the next day, I'm baffled, too! Putting them in separate rooms for the night won't work. Saba will interpret it as being punished. This was the only drawback about taking Sammy so soon after Sasha's death. I know I'm asking a lot from Saba and I've talked to her and told her so.
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If there's a good answer to this one, I haven't found it yet, and I've been looking so hard you wouldn't believe who I've asked! The only thing I can do is be really vigilant, take Pandy bodily to where she wants to go, make sure she has a high corner place where she can hold them (2!) off and keep them separated overnite. It's nothing to do with neutering or not, or anything anyone did, or other cats, etc.etc.etc., just a built-in thing young male cats do to lord it over older cats, and if they're female, they're even more fair game! It's murder, and a lot of work, and all you can do is distract him (time-outs don't work either... 3 secs after emerging they're right back at it), protect her, and don't waste your breath yelling or anything else. Maybe spraying very consistently might help. Good luck.
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