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Thursday's DT

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Ok - I'm bored. It is slow on the technical advisor line I am on today. Come on people - entertain me! Just kidding. What is everyone up to today? Have you noticed that lately there has been nothing on TV - I read for 3 hours last night! I can't wait for the Dog Eat Dog and Big Brother 3.
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Well, I'm quite a bit shaken up today. I found out that a coworker friend of mine was mugged at gunpoint last night. After he gave them his money he ran and as he ran they shot at him. So he dropped to the ground to crawl and get out of the way and they rushed up on him and started stabbing and cutting him. He was stabbed once in the back and cut up all over his back and arms, over 70 stitches. He's going to be okay but I'm still really worried about him. He is such a nice and friendly guy. I started crying when I found out.

I'm going to see my office wants to put a pool together to do some kind of get well package.
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The poor guy must be traumatized! Let him know he has prayers flying his way from Canada! I am sure he will appreciate getting something from his co-workers, even if it is just a card!
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OMG Sabra! That is horrible! I hope they catch the guys that did that.

A safety tip for everyone: It is actually safer to be running from someone with a gun than anything else, especially a pistol. First, a moving target is much more difficult to hit. Second, most of these punks that use guns in crimes have no training and can't hit the broad side of a barn. They just spray and pray. Even if they do hit you, it most likely won't be in a vital area and you will still be able to get away. (Info not only from my personal experience with shooting, but also from personal safety courses.)

Ady - I noticed the same thing about TV lately. Last night I watched Once Upon A Time In America. Great movie with Robert DeNiro and James Woods about gansters in the early 1900s made in 1984. It is long - almost 4 hours - but it follows these boys from growing up in NYC to about "present". It was a nice way to spend an evening.
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I love James Wood - he is an amazing actor. Did you see Salvador - that movie was one of his best and it was based on a true story.
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Well, on Mondays I tend to watch reruns of Animal Precint. Also watch Miracle Pets. Tuesdays I watch two hours of Wild Discovery and two hours of New Detectives. The rest of the week I watch Wild Discoery. Or Mexican soap operas on Spanish channels. They are very addicting. I try to avoid watching htem because if I watch them, I tend to not one to miss a single episode. There is a spanish version of the Jerry Springer show.

Well, today, I have to leave school early because my daughter is graduating from Kindergarten. So, I will be gone. I won't be online until Monday since I am off from school on Mondays. Have a great weekend,everyone!
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Thanks you guys. Evidently, they think he was followed home from the restraunt where he had stopped to eat. It happened as he was parking at his apartment complex. He had $600 on him and someone probably saw him paying and noticed he had a lot of cash on him. He doesn't "look" like he has a lot of money and he drives a later model Dodge truck, so it's the only thing that makes sense. He doesn't have a bank account, he just gets his checks cashed, but he had been saying he was going to get one soon.
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Ady, my dad met James Woods. My dad was seated next to him on a long flight and they talked quite a bid. My dad says he is a very nice and intelligent guy.
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Oh - I would have loved that - he is amazing!
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Sabra. That is so terrible!! What a traumatic experience. Of course he'll miss the money, but thank God he's alive. It will take him a while to feel safe again.

When and on what channel will Dog Eat Dog be shown? If it weren't for the BBC and the History Channel and Discovery channels and the reality shows there's not much on. I really love movies, but I can't afford pay per view. Reality tv is fun.

Rain, rain, rain, rain, thunder, rain,--and that concludes the weather report for Western PA in June, 2002. Today is only slightly different-so far: rain, rain, rain, rain, rain, rain.
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It is on after Fear Factor Monday nights. Don't know what channel. It should start in the next couple weeks I hope!
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Hello everyone! :daisy: Sabra-I'm so sorry to hear about what happened to your friend. Thats such a scary thing to have happen to someone you know. Hopefully he will be ok. Finally the rain has moved on! Sorry Jeanie...I decided to send it your way. We've had enough for now. :tounge2: One more day until Friday! Have a great day everyone!
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There are too many crazies, out there. When I get off work, at 11:00 p.m., the manager watches me get into my car and I have my cell phone in my hand. I, also, make sure to park under a light. It is, already 92, here. Its warehouse day, so I'll be stocking shelves. Its a 3-day weekend for me. I have an interview with AOL, tomorrow. Maybe, I'll have a better-paying job, off my feet, soon. They pay $8.00/hr, to start, plus commissions and benefits start, the first day. No shifts, after 7:00 p.m. and limited weekends. If I get this job, I may start living like a normal person: home for dinner each night and play on weekends. I haven't had a job like that, since 1988.
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Good luck with job interview Cindy - I hope you get it!
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Sabra, that is just terrible!! I just hate when bad things happen to good people. I sure hope your friend is okay emotionally as well as physically.

I agree completely with Heidi's advice. (I think we have the same training! ) Not only run, but try to find something to put in between you and the shooter - a car, a lamp post, a mail box, anything that makes what's visible of you smaller.

We're supposed to get our high speed (yeah RIGHT.. it hasn't been high speed YET) satelite internet connection hooked up to our brand new super high speed (we'll see) computer today. With any luck it'll work and I won't have to wait seemingly FOREVER for pages here to load while I'm at work! Woohoo! I can goof off at the speed of high speed internet access! (And before one of you technical people asks ~ I don't know. I have no idea. I'm not sure. Nope don't even know what brand. )

I hope everyone has a good day...
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Oh Sabra how incredibly scary for your friend! Seems no one has honor anymore it is really a shame. My father was stabbed when I was in high school. He had been walking the dog, when a car stopped and a man asked him for directions, as my dad stepped to the car (this was in the 70's) the man grabbed him and stabbed him inches above his heart! Our cocker spaniel went nuts and the man took off. It was only a few feet from our house and Sambo dragged my dad back to our yard. He was such an incredible dog. My mom found him and called the police. I remember how scared I was and it was the first time I had ever seen my mother cry. My dad was lucky and survived, but he never again trusted strangers.

I have been released from my doctor visits. But I am under strict orders to do nothing for 2 weeks. I told the doc. One look at my house and you will know that I have done nothing for a while.......lol

Hubby called me upstairs last night all excited, his new HAM radio is really putting out.He was talking to someone in Australia! I just laughed at him and told him I talk to people all over the world every day- it's called the Internet.........
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