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Is our webmaster correct?

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Due to financial concerns my husband and I had to leave our webhosting company that we have been at for two years. I thought it was a civil leaving but after we requested to redirect our domain name we asked for our database of customer names and information. He told us it was customary when you transfer a domain name to purge the database from the system. There is absolutly no more data base and all our contacts are lost.

It never occured to me he would purge our database. The website and the database were our property not the host. Lesson learned always ask for backup. I am just sick about this we were going to do a mass email this weekend announcing our new website and now we have nothing. I would have thought the web hosting place would have a backup but nope. He has nothing.

Does this sound right to you guys.

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As far as I know once the hosting is cancelled they do purge everything as they then need that space for whoever they sell your parcel of the hosting space to.

Our's recommends we do a full back up every time we make a change to our site, they should have a back up though, it really depends on how long ago you asked him to cancel the contract and how many backups they have done in between.
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We requested the transfer of the domain name on May 31st and the database on June 1. He doesn't keep a backup. I guess I just wish he would have said when we requested the transfer that the information would then be gone. We had no idea. Again lesson learned. It is just that at my work we back things up every night and recycle the disk space every thirty days or something like that. It is just hard to believe it is gone. It is really quite a blow especially to a small business that is struggling a bit. Oh well. One day of despair then I will bounce back and figure something out.
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Yikes! That's gotta be terrible!

Unfortunately as crazy as it seems, icklemiss is right. Sure it's your company's site, web creation, design and all, but he was the one hosting the site on the server. At the time of cancellation, anything left on the server would've been deleted (unless prior arrangements were made).
When my brother moved web servers, he had a week's notice to do it. He had to back up everything and reload it onto the new server and all without missing a beat (he has a gaming site).
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