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Eye issue or am I being paranoid?

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I have a 12 week old kitten that I've now had for 2 weeks today. I received her from a pet rescue group so she had 2 sets of shots, deworming, microchipped and was already spayed. Two days ago I brought her to the vet for an examination. The vet checked her out (including her eyes) and all was fine except she has ear mites. He gave her a one time treatment (Milbemite) and other than the fact that I need to wait a couple of weeks to bring home another kitty playmate for her it's not a major problem.

Last night I was watching her groom herself and noticed that although her right eye was wide open her left eye was slightly droopy (75% open). At other times, like when she's playing both eyes are wide open. But when she relaxes the left eye droops. Both eyes are clear, not cloudy and there is not discharge.

I called the vet this a.m. and explained the situation to the receptionist. She put me on hold and consulted someone and when she came back assured me it had nothing to do with the mites or the medication. She suggested (since the vet had just seen her) I just continue to monitor the eyes and as long as there is no cloudiness, discharge or this worsens not to worry. I'm thinking I may schedule another exam in a couple of weeks to ensure the mites are gone and review the eye as I don't think this is normal.

I've only had one cat and she contracted a very rare disease and died 3 years ago. She had only turned 7 the week before. I was so devestated that I waited this long before I was ready for a new little one. My new baby has already captured my heart. So, I'm wondering if I'm being a bit paranoid and overprotective?
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i dont know but i hope that shes ok, i hope that its just he being lazy. Silly little baby.
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I understand you perfectly. I personally would take her in and have the vet look at this problem specifically. I did that with Carly because she gets this watery problem with her right eye. The vet didn't find anything specific (she thought Carly may have a residual problem with a virus). But I felt a lot better taking her in.

If you do take her in, ask the vet about possible neurological causes or what to look for to see the problem is getting worse.
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I think maybe you should take her in, better safe then sorry...
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Could be feline herpes. If the vet visit stressed her out she may have had a flare up. Talk to your vet, and if so I recoemnd supplementing with lysine to reduce outbreaks. It's really not a huge deal, more annoying then dangerous. It can cause Upper Respritory infections in small weak kittens or older cats, so you will want to be careful when you get another cat. But thats a BIG if!
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Well, I guess it's good that you all don't think I'm totally paranoid but now I'm getting worried.

I thought I would wait and go back in 2 weeks when I have her mites checked but now I'm wondering if I should take her today?

A $40 examination fee doesn't bother me (particularly if the vet doesn't find anything wrong) as much as how I'd feel if I put this off and it was something that was hurting her.
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I made an appt at my regular vet for Tuesday but this a.m. noticed some discharge from her left eye and did not want to wait until then. My regular vet is closed Sat afternoons but there is a vet actually across the street with awesome weekend hours (Sat and Sunday).

This vet not only cleaned out Chrissy's ears but said we needed to come back for a retest for ear mites next week. Although I always had good experiences with the other vet in the past I was very impressed by this new vet and the thoroughness and time she spent - not in a rush to end the day or move on to the next client.

Now for the upsetting news:

penthilisea, you were right. We tested her eye to rule out an injury so it is feline herpes. I am totally confused as to what this is. The vet assured me it was not fatal (imagine my reaction when she told me ) I think I'll post a thread on the health forum after doing a search. At least I feel good that I took her to the vet quickly - one of my friends gave me ALOT of grief about overreacting when I talked to her last night. Now, I'm not only concerned about getting little Chrissy healthy but I'm worried about bringing home another kitten.

Will she get this virus? Can you she vaccinated for it? She hasn't had any vaccinations yet (I was going to wait until I got her). Now I'm wondering if I should have her first set started so if I bring her home next week she's had one at least. Should I still get a 2nd kitten - I don't want to harm one.

Thank you all for your help. I wish that I had found this forum when I had my last little precious kitty.
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I gave a little advice on FHV in this thread here. It may give you some insight into the herpes virus. If you have any other question, the links provided in the post, give up to date information on herpes.
Good luck.
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