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Little Blue has a wonderful foster Mom.
They both will be in my prayers.
I'll be watching for your updates.
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He does have a really caring foster mum. I will pray that it is nothing serious for him.
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I`m holding thumbs for little Blue and I hope he will get better soon. Please send us an update as soon as he has seen the specialist..

Sending lots of healing vibes, hugs and kisses
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Originally Posted by eilcon
Just received some very sad news about one of our foster kittens - Blue. Our coordinator took a litter in to be fixed this morning. During the surgery our vet detected a very serious congenital heart defect. She doesn't believe it is treatable and expects his life expectancy to be short. The blood is not properly cleansed as it circulates (may be abnormally shunted) and he will continue to be clinically tired and will need to sleep a lot - which he does. As this conditions worsens, he may well faint or collapse. At some point, we may need to euthanize him.

Our vet, who has some cardiology expertise (she's the one that caught Peter's murmur) doesn't even feel there's anything to be gained by referring Blue to a cardiologist. We are considering an ultrasound, though, just to pinpoint the cause and see if anything can be done. I'll keep you posted how things progress with this sweet little guy. Meanwhile, please keep him in your prayers. He's going to get plenty of love and care no matter how long he's with us. The good news is that his four littermates seem to be fine.

Here is Blue:

My thoughts and prayers go to you and blue.
so sad.
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Thanks so much for your continued thoughts and prayers for Blue. He's bound for OSU tomorrow for additional testing and possible surgery, so I'll update as soon as there news. Meanwhile, his foster mom's neighbor has offered to adopt Blue when he gets back and they will share in his care. So, our sweet, little guy will have a real home and lots of love!
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good luck blue my thoughts and prayers are with you
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Because of your thoughtful posts Eileen...
Sweet Blue has won our hearts and our love.

I will be praying for Blue, his wonderful foster Mom & his new loving Mommy.

I'll be watching for Blue's updates.
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Sweet Baby Blue
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I wish there was better news to report on Blue. After spending the day at OSU and undergoing additional testing, the specialists feel his condition is terminal. He has multiple heart defects including a hole in his heart between his right and left ventricles, and it appears to be tangled veins that are causing the obstruction. They had planned to do further testing, but stopped when little Blue got too stressed out and had to be placed on oxygen. Surgery is still a possibility, but only when Blue reaches 5 lbs. (he's currently at 3). Even then, it may be too risky given Blue's condition. He's now on a beta-blocker, which will keep him more comfortable, but not extend his life. He's also on a liquid only diet and must be fed four times daily. Because of all the care he requires, his foster mom has decided not to adopt him out. So, little Blue will remain us for whatever time we are priveleged enough to have with this sweet, precious boy.

Many thanks for your continued thoughts and prayers for little Blue.
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I'm so sorry for the bad news, Eileen! Poor sweet Blue. And my heart goes out to you and the rest of the fosterers, because I know this is so stressful!

Thank you for doing what you do. Precious Blue is in a warm loving place because of you and your friends. I pray for a miracle healing, while recognizing that him finding you and your rescue is a miracle already!

Purrs and headbonks to little Blue! Keep going and growing, little guy!
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I am so sorry about this sad news.
Baby Blue...
We love you sweet darling.
You have a forever home in our hearts.

I am praying for comfort to all of the gentle, caring people who are giving so much love to Blue.
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Had a quick glance thru your threads and I am so sorry for Little Blue. I wish him all the best ! Please excuse me I definitively haven't understood how it works on a Forum but I promise it will be better in the future !

It's so sad when your beloved kitty is so sick. I went through that too and know what you must feel right now.
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I am sorry that the tests didn't show anything more positive. At least he has a loving home and a caring owner for however long he does have.
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I can see he is getting enough love and kindness to last him a lifetime, Its wonderful what you all do for these poor kittens.

Well done to you all x x x x x
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Just came from visiting with little Blue. When I arrived earlier this afternoon, he was curled up in a comfy spot, but he stood up to greet me with a meow and a purr I could hear across the room. His whole body just vibrates when he purrs.

I also had the chance to read his medical report from OSU. It's so sad. There's so much wrong with this little sweetheart. The line that really threw me and brought the reality of his situation home was "Even with sugery, Blue's long-term prognosis remains poor."

Blue had been playing with the other kittens this morning, so was more interested in just cuddling this afternoon. He's an incredibly affectionate little guy. It's almost like he knows his time is short and wants to give and receive as much love as he can. Another one of the volunteers and her husband came by and when he picked up Blue, the little guy just snuggled right up under his chin with a look of pure contentment on his face.

I'm glad Blue knows that he's loved. Thanks for all the love and prayers you're sending him too!
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Nothing new to report, but thought everyone would enjoy seeing a new picture of our sweet little Blue:

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What a gorgeous little baby he is He is still in my thoughts and prayers.
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Oh Eileen....
Blue looks like love itself.
Thank you for sharing his latest picture.
Sweet Blue remains in my prayers.
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Thought it was about time for another update on sweet baby Blue. He's
5 1/2 months old now and is doing better than anyone expected. He's on a liquid diet, but eating well and has put on enough weight that he's just about ready for some additional testing. Beyond that, little Blue is just an absolute love bug - one of the most affectionate kittens I've ever met. Everyone who meets Blue loves him and he just eats up the attention. One of our volunteers described Blue as being "full of himself" as a result of all the loving he gets. He still tires easily, but this doesn't stop him from having a lot of totally crazy kitten moments with the other foster kittens/cats. He's actually the most closely bonded with a sweet tortie named Missy. She's a special needs kitty herself, who's blind in one eye. She and Blue can usually be found curled up together sleeping or grooming each other.

That's all for now. Will update when it's time for Blue to go back to the vet.
Thanks for all the vibes and prayers for our sweet little guy!
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Thanks for the update. I'm happy that Blue has a loving home! Lets pray for good news at the vet visit!
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I am so glad that little Blue is "full of himself."
That's what unconditional love can do.

My thoughts & prayers are still with this special boy & his friend Missy too.
Thanks for the update Eileen.
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i am so glad this is a positive update, I was wondering if there had been some bad news. I am incredibly pleased he is doing so well and has a friend.
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Thanks guys! Blue is thriving thanks to all your prayers.

Here's a pic of our little guy and his good buddy Missy:

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what a sweetheart...they both are. How could you not love them. It's interesting that the two special kitties found each other, the must sense that they're kindred spirits.
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What lovely news Eileen. Keep up posted please.
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Originally Posted by Yosemite View Post
What lovely news Eileen. Keep up posted please.
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