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4 stray cats being speutered right now!!

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I am so proud of myself and had to brag a bit

Took in 4 strays to the low cost clinic today. My only worry is that the female Isabella is already prego again. The woman, Martha, who actually began feeding them months ago, has kept her in since last week but has not done a good job at keeping her away from the other stray boys she lets in. They are all the ones I took in today. Cujo, Little One, Sylvester and is what we named them. Isabella has 2, 9 week old kittens who are at the womans house. The low cost vet I took Isabella in to last week told me that cats don't get pregnant right away after having kittens and they only get pregnant 2 times a year so there is not much chance she is pregnant again. I know that isn't entirely true especially since she was kept in such close contact with unneutered males. But anyways, next step is to find them all homes but for right now they are going back to Martha. If Isabella is prego again, she will be going to the other low cost clinic to be immediately spayed for only $10 more. The current place that is speutering them is a mobile clinic so they won't do pregnant cats.

Poor Martha was going insane with the cats her daughter brought in and the strays. She is older and sick and doesn't get around well and her daughter basically pushes her around a bit. So I finally said I will take them in to get done and then all the spraying and fighting and pregnancies will hopefully stop. She still has one mother with 2 week old kittens who are thankfully kept completely seperate from the others in a bedroom. So they will be next on spaying and neutering.

As I was leaving with the cats to go to the clinic, we saw a new stray brown Tabby coming up the path to the house. Like he was saying, "hey I heared you take good care of us here!" So he will be next too.

Heres some pics since we all love those!




Jazz on top the toilet:

Cujo with Marthas daughter:

Sylvester with Martha:

and Little One:
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Just wanted to say Congratulations! Good job!

Are you paying for their speuters yourself or can the family help out?

We def. need more people helping out like you are!

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I am also proud of the good deed u r doing..
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They paid for he speutering and that is all we were going to have done, but I went ahead and had them all vaccinated too. It was only $10 for a full vac pack so I went ahead and did it. This way their adoption fees can just be $25 each and that will cover the full cost of everything.

I never know what to put for an adoption fee because obviously I want to have them vetted before they go home, but the normal cheap price is $54 plus a $10 vac pack so if I were to post $64 as their adoption costs, no one is usually interested. People don't realize that is a screamin deal for all that to get done at such a low cost. I like when I can get cats into the super low cost clinic and get males done for $15 and females for $20. then I can make a more eye catching adoption fee of around $25-35 and they are all vetted and I am not broke. I just want to be able to keep on doing this kind of thing as much as possible.
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and more applause for what you're doing!
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yay for Jen! there's four less kitten making machines Jayme and Jazz are a couple of cuties! And Cujo looks like a Cujo in that pic!
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Good job!! And those cats are beautiful!
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Congrats!! Every spayed cat is one less cat that is able to add to the overpopulation.

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