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TV-Watching Cats

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Does anyone here have a cat who likes to watch TV? I bought Ivo one of those kitty videos, with bugs and sound effects. She never showed much interest in it. Occasionally, as she's walking past the TV, something will catch her eye and she watch for a few seconds. However, last night I was watching a nature special on the pumas of the Andes. Ivo came into the room, saw what was on, and sat entranced for over 10 minutes. She didn't blink or look away the whole time. I don't know if she recognized the pumas as cats, or whether the movement and natural noises attracted her. It was so cute! I think I'll have to go out and buy some National Geographic videos for her.
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I presume no further comment needed? He was watching BBC's Blue Planet!

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Heh heh heh.... yep I have a TV addict kitty.... well actually, its seems to be only "war like" films he likes!! Just the other night we were watching "Behind Enemy Lines" I had Pip sat on my lap, as soon as the film started to get going (ie, the action bits) his little head was up and he just sat there the WHOLE time watching the film with us!! The only time he moved was to give me a filthy look when I rustled the popcorn bag!! :LOL: - Guess he couldn't hear what they were saying!!
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Mine love tv - especially Excalibur. He love things with dogs, horses or hockey. Their fav video is one we bought just for them called Feathers for Feline and it is all birds. Poor Scally tries to get the birdies and can't!
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Rowdy will sit close and watch TV. She, also, sits and watches the computer monitor. She will bat at anything moving on either one. Feisty, a past cat, liked National Geographic's "Lions of Etosha". She would lay at the foot of the bed, fascinated. Peanut and Shadow went nuts over "Caressing the Tiger". In one scene, a tiny kitten has become separated from his mother and is meowing in distress. Shadow ran all over the house, looking for that kitten. Peanut figured out that the cries were coming from the TV. He looked all around it and hung down, over the screen, trying to get to that kitten. Peanut, always took care of any new kittens that I brought home and he wanted to comfort that one.
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Generally, mine aren't too interested in the TV. They will watch NASCAR races for a while, and sometimes lounge zoning on whatever is on the TV. They will watch The Planet's Funniest Animals on Animal Planet with me. In one spot, there was a kitty who popped up from a hole in the floor and popped back down. Both of mine were watching, and they both jumped down off the bed to find where that kitty on TV went. They looked all around and below the TV, and were very disappointed that they couldn't find it! :laughing2:
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Mine prefer to sit on top of the TV just enjoying the warmth.

The occassional game with close up shots of balls moving (football, snooker, crown green bowling) gets their attention.....if they are awake.

Nature programmes with UK bird noises has them going mad looking for the bird that has got into the house! They ignore "foreign" bird sounds - which takes us back to the nature vs nurture arguement.
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My kitties don't really have an interest in watching tv. Once in a while they will stop what they are doing and watch for a few seconds, then continue with what they were doing. I watch the news in the morning and the weather scrolls across the bottom of the screen and they sometimes try to catch it. :LOL:
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Wiggles has advanced beyond the TV. He prefers the computer. He sits on my lap and swats at the courser on the screen. When he starts walking across the keyboard, though, it can get a little bit xjofduhrasi8renboiaerjhsad.,bvi9awlkdsz;lkvcpa............
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I leave FOX news on at night. Pearl will sit for hours and watch that. I have had cats in the past that loved to watch tv. Several years ago, the Discovery Channel ran mini-series about cats. I was sick in bed at the time, so I watched it all day. The little black cat had at the time sat for most of the day and watched it with me. I don't recall ever seeing her watch anything else. I had a calico that would turn on the radio. She would walk right up to it and hit the button with her paw. Then she would lay down in front of the speaker. She liked the clasic rock station best.
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Snowball has also advanced beyond the TV. When I'm here at TCS, Snowball sits in my lap and keeps leaning toward the monitor like he's trying to read the posts. He also insists on helping me type.

He likes to lay in my lap when I am watching TV and catch up on
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I couldn't help thinking of this thread last night. I was watching The Planet's Funniest Animals while Trent was snuggling me. One segment showed a little dog and a parakeet "arguing" - the bird chirping and the dog barking. Trent just could not take his eyes off the TV! He watched intently for about 10 minutes, waiting for that bird to come back on. :laughing:
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