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cat dandruff

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i was wondering can cats get dry ichy skin like humans do under their hair? My eldest cat has been scracthing a lot lately and it isn't from fleas, they have none. If it is some kind of dry skin problem how do you get rid of it?
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I think they can, I ma not too expirienced, but I have known some cats with itchy skin. That could be cause of the damage to their skin..well, in a fight, from the bight and when it is healing it is cause irratation, so cat starts itching... I know that Omega fatty supplements will help improove overall condition of the skin, but would check with your vet, just to make sure, what is causing this itching. It is always safer to double check!
But maybe someone here has a better solution for you! In any ways- good luck!
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Cats can get allergies...

We had a client bring in a 21 year old cat with funky dandruff and being super itchy. The gal had seen two vets, we were her 3rd oppinion. Our vet talked her into a blood test and the cat was allergic to like... everything.

I would check with the vet. You have been treating your cat with flea meds, right? If not, it could still be fleas.
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