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Info for a breed

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Hello, i am searching information for a breed that has white coat and green eyes.
The photo is like the one below except the eyes are emerald green.
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I'm not familiar with a purebred breed like you describe. White cats have one of three eye colors - blue, gold (or a hazel which is a combo of gold/green) or odd-eye (one blue, one gold).

I've never seen an all white cat with emerald eye color.
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ic. Is there a shorthair white breed with a head like that in the photo? ie not rounded-shaped
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If you want more of a "triangle" type of face on the cat vs a round persian type there are a few breeds that would fit that description. Turkish Angoras, Maine Coon cats, Orientals (long or shorthair) are a few.

Are you looking for a long or short hair cat? And in all cases you won't find a green eyed white - you may find one that has hazel color where its a mix of goldish green, but not a true emerald green. The only cats that have that shade of eye color are Russian Blues - in which case they are solid blue cats - not white.
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That's it GoldenKitty45!
I am looking for a shorthair, triangle face breed. The Oriental shorthair is made for me...
If white cats cannot have green eyes, maybe then a white Oriental shorthair with blue eyes is better. Do you know the prices about those breeds?
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Pet orientals (you can get white orientals in blue and gold eyes) probably run around $400 - not sure as I haven't checked prices.

Also you might want to check out Petfinder.com if in the US. I've seen some cats in there that could pass for an oriental type. Might be a white one in there for you.

There is a nice oriental breeder (Kay Havey) in Washington - cattery is Chipmonk - she has a webpage - look up the cattery. Not sure of her prices tho.
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thanks a lot for all the useful info
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