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5 little Bundles!!

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Woke up this morning to a wonderful suprise, Cassie has had her babies and they are georgous!!!! One black, two grey, beige tabby, one grey tabby and one black brown tabby. My precious girl has done so well and I am so proud........bless you baby!!

Now I just have to work out how to sex!!

Sam x

Will post a piccie as soon as I can.
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AWWWWWWW! YAY! Congrats! Best of luck and hugs to you all
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Congrats! That is wonderful news!
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Congrats! wow and right around day 65 that is funny!
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Awwww way to go... I think Skittles went at day 65 also... I think it is a good thing.. We all know it is usually day 63-65
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Congrats! Five babies...that is a great size for a litter. Can't wait for the pics as they grow!
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Congratulations on the 5 kittens . Please post pictures asap.
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Awww wtg mommy!
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Awww congrats, what a wonderful thing to wake up too
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Any pictures yet... I cant wait.
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congradulations! i cant wait to see pics!
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Congrats on the babes....

Lets seeee some pics!!!!
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It is my birthday today, and I just love hearing of stories of kittens born the same day I was!

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