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A friend gave us a kitten after my old cat had passed away. She is 10 months old now. I love her soooooo much but her behavior is nearly intolertable. She wakes us up every morning around 4 am. She is very, very stubborn and does not respond to ignoring her, spray bottles and the like. Believe it or not we have no door to our bedroom and if we try to lock her in the bathroom she will meow and claw non-stop. I just don't know what to do! My husband is not as patient as I; he wants to get rid of her or throw her outside. I am at the point where I might need to give in and take her to the humane society. I use ear plugs-which works, but my husband will not use them. Is there anything else I can do??? I am desperate.
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She's a baby and she doesn't know any different.

Put yourself in the kittens situation for a moment?. Would you like to be ignored?, shut in a room?, have water squirted on you?

Weve all been there ourselves with the early morning wake up call and she will grow out of it.

Try to tire her out on an evening about an hour before you go to bed and give her a little wet food because that usually sends them off to the land of nod
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Susan is absolutely right. This is just what kittens do. Rather than throw her out on the streets could get not get a bedroom door fitted? We used to leave our door open all night but Nismo (7 months) can make such a noise at night as she runs around and knocks things over that we now shut the door if things get bad. They then have the rest of the house to run around. If you do it gradually she will get used to it.
Is she spayed? that will help calm her down. Also believe it or not, getting her a playmate will help her 110%. Sleeves was just as you described your kitten, before we got Nismo and he just calmed right down having a companion.
Good luck.
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I was going to suggest what Lauren said, maybe get her a playmate and then she won't have to depend on you for entertainment at 4 a.m.
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