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I am so sorry to hear about Willow. I am glad she went peacefully and while you were with her. So sorry.
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Oh my! I know I already posted in this thread, but that was before I knew who Willow was and the whole story. When I saw that thread I had to read the whole thing, and at the end I was so sure that littel Willow was going to make it!

I am so sorry, you tried your best and gave her a wonderful time on earth. Know she is playing with our other beloved pets that have passed at rainbow bridge.

Please treat yourself to something, you have spent so much time trying to save her, and deserve a treat after all of this. You will be in my prayers!
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I'm soo sorry to hear about Willow. But do take comfort in the knowledge that you took excellent care of her and gave her all of your heart and attention while she was with you- she was fortunate to have you! I'm sure she's having fun over the rainbow bridge and keeping an eye out for you.
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Originally Posted by silvermoonmyst
The first 17 or so pictures of the albulm are of where we took her to rest, its a pritty spot, the little river, is an off shoot of the lil sue river, and its just a pritty place, the trees are as big around as i am.

Willows place
OH! How beautiful is that, the perfect place for little Willow. Im still heart broken that she didnt make it, hope you are doing OK?
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