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RIP Willow.
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RIP sweet Willow. Hugs to you Lina
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Last night i bought some lovely geraniums for Willows memory. They are Pink and white double bloomed. Enough to make a large pot. I will plant them later today when my boys are up, dressed, fed and ready to play outside. I want something that wil be for willow. They are very pritty...
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I am so sorry for your loss of Willow . Rest In Peace little Willow.
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I am sorry for the loss of your Willow. It is tough and your friends here will be thinking of you and wishing you peace in your heart. God bless.
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I've been busy this week so I was not able to keep up with Willow's story, but when I opend the site & saw her name here I started to cry. We were all pulling for this sweet littler girl.

R.I.P. Willow, forever young over the bridge.
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I too have been following Willows progress and praying she would come through this.

I pray she is at peace
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Lina, I'm so sorry. I know how devastated you must be. I know that you gave this kitty so much of yourself and so much love. I'm just glad that she died peacefully in your arms.
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I am so sorry to hear about poor little Willow.

R.I.P little one
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I came to this site to see how little Willow was doing. I gasped to find she has passed and tears welled up in my eyes. You did the best for her. She is pain free now. God bless.
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Willow is now running and jumping and wrestling with all the other babies who have passed. Although it is hard now to not be sad, try and remember all the good, cute things she did and the joy she brought in such a short time. You gave her the love she needed and took the best care of her possible. **BIG HUG**
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RIP sweet little Willow. Lina, my heart goes out to you and your family. She was one of the most blessed and loved kittens anyone could hope for. Truly understand you did everything you could for her, and her passing is a blessing in itself, for she is no longer in pain, and is safely playing with all of our lost loved pets, waiting for the day she will meet you again. Bless you for taking such wonderful for care of her. RIP little angel.
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Sweet Willow:

Though you passed and crossed the bridge
Your life touched many hearts
You'll always be in Lina's soul and always in her heart.

Willow will continue to watch over you and your family Lina, though she has passed her spirit will live forever more.

For she was loved and she knew she was loved.

My heart to yours...you have my deepest condolences.
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Oh no!! I can't beleive Willow didn't make it. I am so upset right now. I can't even beleive this. She was doing so well for a few days.

Rest in peace little one, I am truly going to be affected by your passing. You will be missed.
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I just got in from work and the first thing I did was look to see how Willow was. I am still crying. I thought for sure that she was going to be ok. With all your love and caring. Little Willow you surely will be missed by everyone who knew you in your little life. I am so sorry Lina.
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RIP Sweet Willow
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Awww Poor Baby RIP cutie
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Isn't amazing how many hearts one little grey kitten touched.
RIP Willow
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Lina, I too have been away for a few days, and have only just received the terrible news of Willow's passing. I am so horribly sorry, sweetheart...she was a rose.

You did everything you possibly could to help her, and everyone here knows that...sometimes horrible things happen for beautiful reasons - I believe that reason was so that God could call her home to Him early in life to become one of his special angels...and He chose YOU to be her angel in her earthly life.

Willow had experienced love beyond all measure...from you, your family, and from complete strangers on this forum. She feels that now, and is sending you cheek rubs and nose kisses from above, and is now full of more vitality and life than any of us can imagine.

For you, Willow:

All Winter Long the Willows Wait

(Music: The Huron Carol (Jesous Ahatonhia)
Sequenced by Barry Taylor
Copyright by Nicholas Gordon)

All winter long the willows wait,
Nor more nor less than willing,
Glad to be, but just a bit
Entropic in their chilling.
Life longs ever for rebirth,
Awake to its long sleep,
As willows need their leaves for breath,
Numb until they weep.
Do, then, winter well beneath
More blankets than you know,
Immense as any mustard seed,
Content to dream for now,
Holding in your arms a light
As Earth slides through its bitter night,
Ever doomed to bliss and blight
Lest things too easy go.

Take care of yourself, Lina. Right now, you should focus on you, and healing. It's so hard to lose someone you love, and time will help so much...just know how much Willow loves you too.
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I'm so sorry for your loss. I'm glad you could be with her while she passed.
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Little Willow is free of pain now but I know YOUR pain is still there. It is such a shame Vets won't treat injured or sick animals right now and eet their owners to do a payment plan.

Do something nice for someone in Willows memory and you will find it helps with the pain!

I am STILL hurting over the loss of MY bridge babies so I do know how you feel and I wish I could take that awful pain away.

I DO send you my love!
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I also signed on to see how sweet Willow was doing, and I was shocked to see that she has passed. I'm soo sorry for your loss!! I thought for sure she was going to pull through. She was such a little trooper. Lina, you did everything you could. Sweet Willow is not in pain any longer. I will definately keep you in my thoughts and prayers.
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Oh, I am so sorry for your loss, I had been keeping up with the other thread and know how hard your worked to save Willow. Many to you.

RIP Sweet Willow
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Oh Lina. I, too, had been keeping up on Willows updates. I am so sorry for your loss. Her resting place and the flowers sound beautiful.

Be free and play happy sweet Willow.
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so sorry to read that little Willow didn't make it at least she was cared for & loved during her last days. play over the bridge with all of those kittens who left us too soon, Willow!
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I have been working so much the past few days that I haven't had a chance to get online. No words can express how sorry I am to hear about Willow. I hope you can find peace in knowing that she is watching over you now as your guardian angel. Your compassion and dedication is inspiring. Once again, thank you. Willow now has the wings to fly as high as she wants; she is free. May you be forever blessed for your courage and strength.
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I would love to see the photo`s of where little willow was buried, where do I go?
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I am so, so, so sorry for your loss of Willow. I have been paying attention to her story for days, and I am so sad to find out that she did not make it. When I read the news I got chills and began to cry. It was so tragic that Willow had to die that young, and I don't want you to beat yourself up over it. You did everything you could to save her and you did a wonderful job- I know she knew she was loved. We had that happen to a kitten of ours and she didn't make it.
R.I.P. Willow- you were an amazing kitten, and I will forever remember you in my heart.
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RIP Willow
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Originally Posted by ShanghaiC
I would love to see the photo`s of where little willow was buried, where do I go?
The first 17 or so pictures of the albulm are of where we took her to rest, its a pritty spot, the little river, is an off shoot of the lil sue river, and its just a pritty place, the trees are as big around as i am.

Willows place
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