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Goodbye Willow

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Willow died on the way to the vets office at 6 tonight. We called the office right away and detoured. We drove to a lovely spot in the moutnains where there is a little glacier river running by the trail, we dug her a little grave and burried her in her blanket. The one shes been sleeping in for the past few days. I took some Pictures of her final resting place, and one before i burried her,

Before she died, she started having seisures. I knew she was going to die, so i just held her closely and petted her, while my husband pulled over. My son thankfully fell asleep before we left town. She passed peacefully...

Thank you everyone for all your support during one of the hardest times of my life. Thank you
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Rest in peace sweet Willow...you were loved by many.
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Rest in peace little Willow. You brought such joy to our lives during your short one.

Lina, the spot sounds so beautiful. I know Willow will find peace there. Please remember to be kind to yourself.
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RIP Willow your in the heavens now
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Oh Lina, I am so so sorry.

RIP sweet little girl
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I am so sorry to hear about your lovely Willow.

You did you best for her, she sounds like she was a wonderful cat. Just know, she will never, ever have to feel pain again. Her resting spot sounds perfect.

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I'm so sorry! At least Willow is in a better place now, and she passed away in the arms of someone who loved her very much, so she wasn't alone. Now the only pain she'll have to go through is her having to sit still and wait until the day she can meet you at the end of the rainbow bridge and pounce on you! Patience is very hard for kitties you know.
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I'm crying again. I'm so sorry about Willow, but at least shes not suffering anymore, I really hoped she was going to make it though. You seemed to have found a nice resting place for her, it sounds like a very pretty spot for such a beautiful kitty. She wasnt even my kitty and I fell in love with her. I hope that your doing ok as well as your husband and your son *hugs*
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R.I.P little Willow!
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Precious Willow, you had all of our hearts. Frolic joyfully in Heaven now, little one. I'm so very sorry you lost your precious little girl, this was such a difficult time for you.
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I'm so sorry to hear about Willow. I've been following her story hoping she would recover but alas....it wasn't meant to be. I'm so sorry for your loss. RIP little one....
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Rest in peace sweet little Willow
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R.I.P. Willow....

- I'm soooooooo sorry for your loss. You are an as well for taking such great care of her..she was VERY blessed to have you! May God bless you and your whole family!
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RIP little Willow. Play happy and pain free over the rainbow bridge
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Sleep well-rest gentle little Willow
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Aw NO! Poor little thing, may she have a happy pain free ever after over the rainbow bridge.... We love you little willow...

I am so sorry for your loss Lina, it must have been very hard losing her after all you have done for her, my heart goes out to you...
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Sweet Willow you've suffered enough. All the other cats from TCS will look after you now, so play happily over Rainbow bridge with all the other kittens and have fun
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Lina and Willow, my heart is with you both.........God bless you both.........
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Lina, my thoughts and prayers are with you, your family and precious little Willow.

RIP baby girl, knowing how much you were loved and touched so many lives.
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This isn't what I expected, I am so sorry Lina. I have been following updates of Willow for sometime now, and I even shared all of your good news with my husband. I am so sorry.
May the wonderful memories of Willow ease your pain and give you peace.
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RIP Willow- you had all the love of a lifetime crammed into your few short weeks, have fun playing with the other kittens over the Rainbow Bridge
Lina~ you did the best you could, at least you gave her a chance, no one blames you, especially Willow
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I'm very sorry to hear this terrible news Lina...you did your best trying to help her...but it was not meant to be....may she rest in peace now.

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Lina, I'm so sorry to hear of this news My thoughts and prayers are with you.

RIP precious Willow
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Oh my - I'm so sorry, Lina I've also been following your posts about her, and was so sure that she'd make it. She was so strong and so sweet! I know that she will now be looking over you and your other furbabies from kitty heaven.

RIP little Willow - you touched so many hearts! I know that all the little TCS kitties that have already crossed the bridge will be there greeting you with purrs and nose rubs and head butts!!!
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Rest in peace little Willow. You were and still are a very special and loved little girl. I'm very sorry Lina, my prayers are with you and Willow.
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I am so sorry Lina. I know you never wanted any of this to happen. I'm very sorry you lost your precious Willow. She is at peace now. I hope you can find some peace, too.

Kiss the other babies for me. They must be your focus, now.
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Goodbye Willow!
May you live eternally is your new TCS family's hearts ( thats all of us, we love you )

Lina. I don't know you, but I have followed this story, and I shared the laughs, the cries...the ups and downs. I called my boyfriend, who has been reading with me, and we both shared some tears.
Your little kitten has touched so many hearts, and its been a wonderful blessing to look inside the hearts of so many people.

Willow created new friendships, and memories.
I would say she had a purpose, and she fulfilled it.
Good luck healing, and God bless!
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Oh no!! I cant stop crying! I was for sure she was going to make it-after all you had done for her and everything! That sounds like a very beautiful resting place for her. RIP sweet Willow! We all love you and know your watching over your family now.
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RIP Willow. (hug)
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Lina, I am so very sorry for your loss. You did everything you could. You will meet again at the bridge and your sweet baby Willow will be healthy and happy.
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