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How heavy should my kitten be?

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Our little baby Miss Chevious is 9 weeks old and already weighs 1 1/2 pounds!! Is this normal and should she be on a diet? She has a very chubby belly!

Here she is...

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Miss Chevious is a real doll.

From what I understand, kittens should not be put on diets. They need all the nutrients they can get.

Has she been tested for/treated for worms? I don't know how she came to you, so that may be why her tummy is so big.

She may just be a big baby and going through a growth spurt too.
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She is a doll-baby! I don't know what breed she is Vader, but if she were mine, to ease my mind, I would take her to the vet and have them draw a blood panel. I love her name, cute take on it. Bet she is handful! I would also let the vet worm her for you, as they worm according to weight. But she is a doll!
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Or you could just send her to me!! :tounge2:

She's just sooo cute!
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She's half Maine Coon, so that might explain why she's such a big girl No, she doesn't have worms. We are planning to get her wormed as soon as possible.
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Maybe I am reading this wrong, but you're kitty is 1.5lbs? Is there a number missing there? When I got my girls at 9 weeks they were both well on their way to 3lbs, so to me 1.5lbs seems awfully tiny. They are now going on 8 months and are just hitting around 7lbs. BTW, your kitty is adorable .
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I have a year old cat who only weighs 3 lbs.
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other parasites like Giardia. Finn McCool had that when we got him, and we just thought he was chubby too. Our vet told us that standard worming don't neccessarily pick up on that little critter. So take a stool sample with you when you go.
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