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Sig me, please?

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Alright, I am picking out/uploading pics as I type. Iam not sure how many pics I will choose, 4 at the most. I am going for a purple/black theme...

I thank anyone for their time!!!
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So I lied, I have more than 4 pics for the person who wants to take up my offer to choose from, all the pics don't have to be used! I get photo-happy VERY easily!!!!!

It doesn't have to be Black and Purple, Black and Gold would go good too, or anything really, you are some very creative people! This is coming from someone that is in a Art 4 class, lol!!! You guys have some serious talent!

I will only post the links, some of the pics are huge, lol. Cat's name is Cody.







Thank you soooo much!
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I'll see what I can come up with. Your kitty is sweet, she reminds me of my RB kitty Roo.
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Sounds great!

He looks quiet silly with his dog tag, but I love it-it matches with any collar I put it on. My mom keeps pointing out that Cody is not a dog, haha!

Anyway, thanks!
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Here's a couple sigs I came up with for you...don't feel you have to use them if you don't like them.

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