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wow. the director on the local production of rent i am working on just emailed me. and wow. in two weeks we have Adam Pascal coming to read with us. for those who arent rent heads, Adam Pascal IS roger davis, he did him in the first theatre production, and the movie. So WOW. I guess our director really isnt happy with our roger, and wanted to give him a kick in the pants. What a kick to give him! And Adam Pascal is a really down to earth guy, and was happy to do it. WOW. *dies* and I play Mimi....this should be interesting.
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That is so cool for you!! I hope you have a really good time!!
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I did over 10 years of musical theater, but haven't since the early 90s - therefore you can color me JEALOUS!

That's SO awesome! Have a blast with it!!!
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thanks guys heh. I am gonna die. lol I just know it. I adore adam pascal. and he is such a great actor and singer..i have both of his albums, ehehe. diretor informed me today he wants to run light my candle and here we go...ACK lol
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That is SO AWESOME for you!!!!
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