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The highest point possible

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So I've found out in the last few days that BOTH of my cats are attracted to the highest places in my apartment. You know, the ones where you say "they can't possibly get up there", and then they do and cry to get down. Does any one have good tips on how to keep them from getting to places that I can't even reach?
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Aw, all kitties love the high places...I don't really know how to keep them down though. Trout only got stuck on the fridge once and she never went up again.

Some might say that if you put foil or something on the surfaces, cats don't like the feeling on their paws so they won't go up there..After a while you can take it off because they will be used to not going up there.
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Really tall cat trees/condos.
These high perches usually end up being much more attractive places to be.
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If you figure it out, do let me know Cats have a natural love for high places. Even when attempting to block their access, our kitties are pretty clever when they're determined to be in a certain spot, aren't they! Would it be possible to place a large item (heavy and sturdy, not something that could accidentally fall) on top of the object where they're wanting to be, for instance in the space between the top of a bookshelf and ceiling? Another idea is to make these spots less appealing with something like double sided tape which they will avoid because of their little paws sticking to it, while providing a more suitable spot for them such as a tall cat tree.

Another point, though, is, unless the area is dangerous for them, just go ahead and let them be up there to watch over their domain after remove any objects that could present a problem being knocked over or broken during their climb and decent. If they got up there, I would bet they'll figure out how to get down when they're ready.
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My only fear is that one of them will get stuck on top of my blinds. We have a set of vertical blinds that run almost the whole wall of my apartment. They both find great joy in climbing our DVD rack, then jumping over and walking across. Should I just let one of them get suck up there for the majority of the day and then take them down when I get home from work?
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I'd use some double face tape so they don't walk along the valances or any other off limits areas.

I've found thay they will do everything in their power to get to the highest point in any room so I give them a point higher than anything else via cat trees and it's over.
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